IHG 75% bonus points to buy by Feb 5, but there are cheaper points

IHG Rewards Club sent me a special offer to buy points with 75% bonus points through February 5, 2017. The 75% bonus reduces the price of points from $11.50 per 1,000 points to $6.57/1,000 points.

This offer is an opportunity to buy 105,000 IHG Rewards Club points for $690.


Set your sights on faster rewards

Dear Richard,

As one of our most valued IHG® Rewards Club members, you get the opportunity to top off your point balance with a special offer. Get set to reach all the rewards on your wish list: buy IHG® Rewards Club points now through February 5, 2017 and enjoy up to 75% bonus points.

It’s a new year, so your limit has been reset and you can purchase up to 60,000 points. With a bonus of up to 75% more on your purchase, you could be looking at 45,000 extra points in your account, in just a few clicks.


The problem is the link takes me to a Points.com buy points page with no mention of the 75% bonus points offer.

IHG Point Purchase

In past offers the bonus points amount shows up in the drop down menu.

A Cheaper Way to Points

Regardless of the 75% bonus offer and a link to a page that does not show the bonus points offer, this is an offer I must refuse.

2017 is early in the year and there will almost certainly be a 100% bonus points offer sometime during the year. Then there will likely be a discount points purchase offer during the annual U.S. Travel Association Daily Getaways.

Or I can simply book a Points & Cash reward stay at InterContinental Monterey The Clement for next summer when my parents will be in town.

IC Monterey Points Cash

A 2-night stay at The Clement is 80,000 points + $250.

The $250 copay buys 40,000 points. That is a rate of $6.25 per 1,000 points compared to $6.57 with the 75% bonus points offer.

But my parents changed their mind about coming to Monterey in summer. I need to cancel the InterContinental Monterey reservation.

And my IHG Rewards Club account is 40,000 points richer for $250.

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