Cheap Poland, Cheap Ryanair $21 for 5 cities, 4 flights

As I planned my winter trip this week on WOW Air from SFO to Copenhagen for $69 and returning on Norwegian Airlines from Stockholm to Oakland for $111, I came across some incredible Ryanair flight deals for travel to and around Poland.

This post shares a sample itinerary for flights from Stockholm to Krakow, Wroclaw to Warsaw, Warsaw to Gdansk and Gdansk to Stockholm flying on four separate Ryanair tickets for less than $19 all-in.

A 3 hour bus ride between Wroclaw and Krakow is less than $3, making a round trip from Stockholm, Sweden on a tour of Poland through four cities for $21.26 all-in.

Seriously, the Ryanair ticket price to fly Gdansk, Poland to Stockholm, Sweden Skavsta NYO is less than $3 USD; $2.92 one way on Sunday Jan 30 to be precise. This is not a fare mistake. The same Ryanair ticket price is available many dates in January, before rising to $8 for February travel.

Ryanair is pretty liberal on free baggage allowance

What cabin baggage can I carry?

You can carry one cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus 1 small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 onboard the aircraft.

Due to cabin space limitations only 90 large cabin bags (55 x 40 x 20 cms) can be carried in the cabin, any bags remaining will be carried free of charge in the aircraft hold.


Ryanair allows one normal size 10kg/22lb carry-on bag free and one smaller under seat bag. Rather than struggle for bin space, Ryanair will usually ask at the airport counter if you want to check your carry-on bag for free.

Stockholm Skavsta NYO – Krakow, Poland KRK

$8.16 one way  Sun Jan 22

NYO-KRK $8 Ryanair Jan22

While I did not book this itinerary, I have planned something similar with most of these segments within Poland over my next two trips to Europe this winter.

One of my wife’s former first grade students has a Polish mother who recommended we visit Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Gdansk as the top tourist cities in Poland.

BusRadar.com meta-search site for cheap intra-Europe bus tickets

Buses are one of the fastest ways to travel around central Europe with city to city international routes and quick stops along the way for passenger pick-up and drop-off. Many of these buses are fully equipped with bus toilet, food and drink service, in-seat video with on demand movies and free wifi. Krakow to Wroclaw is easy travel by train or bus in a few hours.

One of the useful websites I found for international bus routes across Europe is BusRadar.com. This website allows you to enter your route and provides a meta-search display of different bus services and some car ride share services available for your destination. And kind of like Google Flights for bus travel, you can put in your start city and a price limit and routes within your price range are shown.

BusRadar.com map of destinations you can travel for 10 EUR or less from Krakow.

BusRadar map Krakow 10EUR

Vienna, Budapest and cities across Poland are available by bus travel for less than 10 EUR one-way. For 50 EUR the map destinations reach from Tallinn, Estonia to Amsterdam, Netherlands, most of Germany and to Odessa, Ukraine on the Black Sea.

But I only am looking at a ticket for Krakow to Wroclaw to continue the RyanAir fast and cheap travel adventure.

Krakow – Wroclaw bus ticket options for Wed Jan 25

PolskiBus 2.51 EUR one-way for 3hr, 10min trip.

BusRadar KRK-WRO Jan25

PolskiBus is one of the coach services with on-board amenities like free WiFi, toilet and seat AC power outlet.

Ryanair  Wroclaw WRO – Warsaw WAW

$4.84 one way Sat Jan 28

WRO-WAW $5 Ryanair Jan28

Ryanair  Warsaw WAW – Gdansk GDN

$2.66 one way Mon Jan 30

WAW-GDN $3 Ryanair Jan30

Ryanair  Gdansk GDN – Stockholm NYO

$2.92 one way Tue Jan 31

GDN-NYO $3 Ryanair Jan31

I know one day in Gdansk is too short a time, but this series of flights is simply to show how cheap it is to travel Ryanair across Poland. On Feb 1 the ticket prices for GDN-NYO rise from $3 to $8.

Tour of Poland transportation cost: $21.26

Stockholm, Sweden – Krakow – Wroclaw – Warsaw – Gdansk – Stockholm, Sweden

  • Stockholm NYO – Krakow KRK Ryanair $8.16
  • Krakow to Wroclaw PolskiBus $2.68 (2.51 EUR)
  • Wroclaw WRO – Warsaw WAW Ryanair $4.84
  • Warsaw WAW – Gdansk GDN Ryanair $2.66
  • Gdansk GDN – Stockholm NYO Ryanair $2.92

Scandinavia is an expensive destination, but a cheap starting point for a Europe vacation.

Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden are most consistently the lowest fares to Europe from many airports in the USA, especially from California.

Norwegian and WOW Air offer some amazingly low fares, like this week’s $69 one-way tickets from LAX and SFO to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Edinburgh and Bristol UK. WOW Air ticket prices were as low as $88 to fly Stockholm to SFO and $97 Copenhagen to San Francisco and in the $160s-180s to fly UK to SFO one way.

Loyalty Traveler – Oops! I did it again! WOW $69 fares LAX/SFO to Europe (Jan 10, 2017).

Loyalty Traveler – My European winter itinerary $259 SFO-CPH-PRG/KRK-ARN-OAK (Jan 13, 2017).

Major alliance airlines compete most consistently on these USA-Scandinavian routes too. Round trip ticket prices frequently fall below $400 from east coast airports to Europe and $500s from west coast.

Scandinavian airports generally have low ticket prices 10 months of the year (Late August to early June) to places across the USA including Los Angeles LAX, San Francisco SFO and Seattle SEA with lowest fares under $400 round trip when starting in Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm.


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  1. Yes, airfares on intercity flights in Poland, can be as low as 2$ per flight on Ryanair. Even national airline LOT which isn’t a lowcost airline sometimes have airfares from 17$ to 25$.

    If you would like i can show some of the sights in Warsaw, or help with any planing in Poland. Especially if you plan to visit Warsaw on the weekend.


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