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American LAX to Jersey $477 Jan-May, LAX/SFO-JER $607 July

The island of Jersey is a UK Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France. One of the oddities of USA-Europe ticket prices is there are frequently deep discounts to Jersey JER airport with American Airlines and British Airways.

My wife and I had a veterinary college flat mate who had spent a year studying birds on Jersey. His stories and travel guides I have read and shows on TV I’ve seen make Jersey seem like an interesting place with loads of history in and of itself. Also, the island is a short ferry ride to Normandy, France. Ferry tickets from Jersey to Normandy, France ports are about $65 round trip.

The deal is American Airlines has $477 tickets from LAX to Jersey JER for travel departures late January to early May. San Francisco SFO to Jersey is $607. One limiting factor is you need to fly via New York JFK to connect to a British Airways nonstop flight to London Gatwick to avoid having to change terminals from London Heathrow to London Gatwick. There are many more flight options if you ticket a terminal change routing, but that also means adding about $25 each way to the ticket price for the 45 minute bus transfer between airports. Recommended transfer time is 4 hours between arrival time at LHR and departure time at LGW. Heathrow customs and immigration takes time, often one hour or more, then you have to get to the National Express bus stop, travel 45 minutes to 60 minutes to reach Gatwick and you want to arrive at London Gatwick at least 90 minutes before your flight, as you have to go through security again at LGW to get to the gate.

Perhaps the better value deal are tickets from Los Angeles LAX to Jersey for $607 round trip for peak summer early July departures. But, it looks like you will have to plan on at least an LHR to LGW transfer on the outbound portion for the $607 ticket prices.

Round trip ticket prices for Jersey to London are under $100 with EasyJet or British Airways.


American Airlines   Los Angeles LAX – New York JFK – London Gatwick LGW – Jersey JER – LGW – JFK – LAX

$476.36 round trip  Wed Mar 8 – Thu Mar 16

LAX-JER $477 AA Mar8-16

This is an example of a flight via London Gatwick both directions with no airport transfer in London required.

LAX-JER-1 detail

LAX-JER-2 detail

Commentary: I don’t like this new 2017 layout for AA flight itineraries. It takes six different screen clicks to see the actual flight segment times for this single ticket itinerary rather than displaying them on one page for easier analysis of connection times between flights.

$607 Summer Fare to Jersey from LAX or SFO

In my searches I was unable to find a low fare $607 in July without at least an airport transfer between London Heathrow LHR and London Gatwick LGW on the outbound routing. The LGW-JFK direct flight is available for return segments in July.

Recommended to ticket an itinerary with at least 4 hours between LHR arrival and LGW departure to transfer from LHR to LGW on National Express bus.

NationalExpress LHR-LGW bus

National Express bus service: London Heathrow LHR to London Gatwick LGW 45 minutes travel time, £20 one-way, £40 return.


American Airlines

Outbound: San Francisco SFO London Heathrow LHR (airport transfer LHR-LGW on your own money and method) / London Gatwick LGW Jersey JER

Inbound: Jersey JER – London LGW – New York JFK – San Francisco SFO

$607.86 round trip   Mon July 3 – Thu July 13 

(note: Google Flights link does not go directly to fare. On AA page you need to change London to JER. Sort results by price to see all low fare route options.

SFO-JER $608 AA Jul3-13



American Airlines

Outbound: Los Angeles LAX – San Francisco SFO London Heathrow LHR (airport transfer LHR-LGW on your own money and method) / London Gatwick LGW Jersey JER

Inbound: Jersey JER – London LGW – New York JFK – Los Angeles LAX

$606.36 round trip   Mon July 3 – Thu July 13 (Google Flights also shows $594 Aer Lingus option, but I did not find those fares).

LAX-JER $606 AA Jul3-13 

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