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Los Angeles to Cancun $929 AA Business I Class

Los Angeles LAX to Cancun, Mexico in AA Business I Class for $929 round trip. This is another baseline fare I am compiling for American Airlines North America flights to maximize British Airways Executive Club Tier Points for elite status. There is the option to fly LAX-Cancun CUN nonstop in AA Business Class and earn 140 Tier Points in BA Executive Club per flight segment at 2,119 miles each way. Or route via Miami or Charlotte and earn 360 Tier Points in British Airways Executive Club for about $10 more round trip.

I call this a baseline fare since I will be looking out for fare drops on this route and other routes to Mexico and the Caribbean in 2017 for high Tier Points BA elite status earning tickets flying North American routes in American Airlines Business Class.

American Airlines   Los Angeles LAX – Cancun, Mexico CUN – Los Angeles LAX

$929.08 round trip AA Business I Class   Sat March 1 – Sat March 8

LAX-CUN $929 AA-I Mar1-8

AA Business I Class LAX – Cancun should earn 280 Tier Points.

So I was surprised to see this result come up on the BA Flight Calculator shows 0 Tier Points?

Perhaps some of you BA elite readers more familiar with the program can share some insight as to whether this is correct and why no Tier Points?

Or is this a BA Flight Calculator mistake?.

BA Tier Points LAX-CUN AA-I

I was going to recommend an LAX-MIA routing anyway to maximize Tier Points for nearly the same ticket price.

American Airlines  Los Angeles LAX – Miami MIA – Cancun CUN – Charlotte CLT – Los Angeles LAX

$942.18 round trip AA Business I Class   Sat March 4 – Sunday March 12

LAX-CUN $942 AA-I Mar4-12

LAX – MIA – CUN – CLT – LAX = 360 Tier Points.

LAX – MIA = 140 Tier Points.

MIA – CUN = 40 Tier Points.

BA Tier Points LAX-MIA AA

BA Tier Points CUN-MIA AA

CUN – CLT = 40 Tier Points.

CLT – LAX = 140 Tier Points.

BA Tier Points CLT-CUN

BA Tier Points CLT-LAX

$942.18 for 360 Tier Points = $2.62 per Tier Point.

Ideally, this LAX-CUN itinerary will drop to under $720 round trip during a fare sale at some point during the next few months. A reasonable objective for BA Executive Club elite status is paying less than $2/Tier Point to earn BA Silver elite with 600 Tier Points for around $1,200 or BA Gold Elite with 1,500 Tier Points for around $3,000 in airline spend per year. You just need 4 British Airways flights during the membership year to reach mid-tier to high-tier elite status.


  • nsx at FlyerTalk December 20, 2016

    I would go out of my way to avoid supporting the airline which pioneered outrageous fuel charges, changing a free award trip to a half-price trip for the same number of miles, now points.

    Also, life becomes much simpler when you stop chasing elite status.

  • Ric Garrido December 20, 2016

    Before last year, I stopped chasing elite status a decade ago.

    But I don’t mind elite status for flights I would take anyway if I can do that for just a few hundred dollars more. I have no plans personally to book Business Class tickets, but it is an interesting analysis to see how cheap Business Class tickets can be used for quick and relatively cheap elite status.

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