American Airlines Barcelona BCN Boston BOS Iberia Airlines Madrid MAD oneworld alliance Porto OPO Portugal Portugal Spain

American/Iberia Boston to Canary Islands, Portugal, Spain $381-$397

American Airlines and Oneworld partner airlines Iberia and British Airways have several cities across Portugal and Spain priced from $381 to $398 round trip. Switzerland and Italy are priced in low to mid-$400s. Delta/SkyTeam compete on several of these routes with lower fares to some cities like Malaga and Seville, but about $10 to $20 more for most cities. Star Alliance also has some competitive fares.

Departure Dates: January to May 2017; Aug 23 – October 2017

Google Flights March 2-9 Boston to Portugal/Spain with Oneworld Alliance

Google Flights BOS-OPO $397 Mar2-9


Porto $397

Lisbon $528 (Ryanair flights between Porto and Lisbon are $14 each way).


Madrid $381

Barcelona $397

Bilbao $397

Ibiza $394

Palma de Mallorca $395

Alicante $398

Vigo $395

Tenerife, Canary Islands $393

Malaga $434 Aer Lingus (Air France $400)

Seville $497  (SkyTeam $403)


Iberia Airlines  Boston BOS – Madrid MAD – Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain TFN – MAD – BOS

$392.48 round trip  Sun Mar 5 – Sun Mar 12

BOS-TFN $393 IB Mar5-12

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