Oneworld San Francisco to Helsinki $428-$510 Jan-May, Aug-Oct

A low fare today from San Francisco to Helsinki at $510 round trip on Oneworld Airline sites American, British Airways, Finnair and Iberia is as low as $428 through online travel agency sites with Finnair operated nonstop flights.

Departure dates are early January to early May, then mid-August into October 2017.

American Airlines ticket for Finnair operated nonstop flights

San Francisco SFO – Helsinki, Finland HEL – San Francisco SFO

$508.26 round trip  Tue Sep 19 – Thu Sep 28

SFO-HEL $508 AA-AY Sep19-28 search for online travel agency discount tickets.

SFO-HEL $429 Skyscanner Sep19-28  ticket

Finnair San Francisco – Helsinki nonstop

$428.26 round trip  Tue Sep 19 – Thu Sep 28

SFO-HEL $428 AY-TravelMerry Sep19-28

While $428 is significantly less than $508 for the same flights, something to consider is whether you are going for elite status with American Airlines with 2017 flights. If not, then the $428 ticket from an online travel agency is a no brainer. You actually earn more redeemable miles in AAdvantage with the TravelMerry $428 ticket than buying the $508 American Airlines ticket.

Miles Earning Calculations

Flight Miles: SFO – HEL – SFO = 10,871 miles.

American Airlines SFO-HEL-SFO ticket $508.26 ($338.26 portion eligible for EQD/RDM)

  • $338.26 AA base ticket price = $338 EQD
  • 10,871 flight miles = 10,871 EQM
  • Redeemable Miles = $338.26 x 5 = 1,691 RDM (+ elite bonus RDM). OTA $428.26 Finnair SFO-HEL-SFO ticket (AAdvantage Finnair miles table)

  • $428.26 x .05 = $25 EQD
  • 10,871 flight miles x .50 = 5,435 EQM
  • Redeemable Miles = 10,871 x .25 = 2,717 RDM

The ticket earns 1,026 more redeemable miles than the more expensive AA ticket. The primary advantage of American Airlines is higher elite qualifying dollars and miles. If you have no interest in elite status, then there is no reason to ticket at a higher price through AA or oneworld airlines.

But if you are interested in AAdvantage or British Airways elite status, then my next post will show more ways to maximize the elite earning on this Finnair route to Helsinki. 

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