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AAdvantage BA Business I class $1,700rt Stockholm to Los Angeles

British Airways Business Class fares are under $1,700 round trip for Stockholm to Los Angeles. The ticket price to fly LAX to Stockholm round trip is significantly higher at $3,000 in off-season periods (December holiday and summer months) and $3,500 at other times.

As self-acclaimed travel blogger of the $400 Scandinavia to California round trip deep discount economy ticket buyer, today I turn my attention to the flyer who cringes at the thought of 12 hours upright in a thin chair. Even a Premium Economy footrest does not suffice for some up-front flyers. For the traveler who firmly believes an onboard aircraft bed is the only way to hurtle your body across space and time zones, here is a look at the irony of Stockholm Business Class ticket prices. One of the most expensive tourist destinations on the planet is also the European hub of lowest airfares to California and many other places around the USA. Even for British Airways Business Class to the LAX.

Stockholm is an airport I have found myself passing through several times over the past few years as a Californian who has frequently traveled to Europe on $400 round trip Stockholm to San Francisco fares with Oneworld and Star Alliance airlines.

Sometimes I even travel on sub-$200 Norwegian one-way fares, which generally are $90 more one-way after upgrading for checked bag, food, drink and self-selected seat assignment.

Turns out the same low fare deals I used to become AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite for 2016 can also be applied to Business Class tickets from Stockholm at a relative deep discount to the price of Business Class fares to other airports in Europe and far below the price of originating travel in California.

British Airways  Stockholm ARN – London LHR – Los Angeles LAX – London LHR – Stockholm ARN

$1,700.27 USD (15,440 SEK) round trip Business Class   April 15 – July 8

ARN-LAX $1700 BA-Biz Apr15-Jul8

ARN – LHR – LAX – LHR – ARN = 12,733 flight miles.

American Airlines AAdvantage Earn Miles British Airways table.

12,733 flight miles x 1.50 EQM = 19,099 EQM (Earn AAdvantage Gold with 25,000 EQM).

12,733 flight miles x 0.25 EQD = $3,183 EQD  (Earn AAdvantage Gold with $3,000 EQD).

12,733 flight miles x 1.25 = 15,916 redeemable miles + elite bonus (40-120%).

Ticket Price $1,700.27 / 19,099 EQM = 8.9 cents per EQM and 54 cents/EQD.

2017 ticket spend for AAdvantage Elite at these earn rates of 8.9 cents per EQM:

  • AAdvantage Gold elite = $2,225 for 25,000 EQM. (Meets $3,000 EQD requirement)
  • AAdvantage Platinum = $4,450 for 50,000 EQM. (Meets $6,000 EQD requirement)
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro = $6,675 for 75,000 EQM (Meets $9,000 EQD requirement)
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum = $8,900 for 100,000 EQM (Meets $12,000 EQD requirement)

Open-Circuit Travel Planning

It is unconventional ticketing as a U.S. resident to plan your round trip travel between home and Europe with tickets that originate at an airport in Europe, some place like Stockholm, and end there too. An analysis of the cost savings can make that ‘I need a way home” uncertainty a much smaller price to pay for the luxury of Business Class travel over frequent trips.

I don’t always have a long-term plan in place when I book a deep discount $400 Scandinavia to California round trip economy class ticket. Currently I know I will be in Amsterdam in February, but I have no ticket home to California yet. I call this open-circuit travel planning. Once I purchase my ticket back to the USA, I will close the circuit with a scheduled flight back to California.

You can enjoy the same feeling of uncertainty I have experienced many times over the past few years with a back of my mind fear of possibly being stranded in Europe at the end of my last ticketed flight. And that leads me back to Stockholm. Stockholm with Norwegian Airlines, or Copenhagen or Oslo or one of many other Scandinavian airports are often the lowest priced tickets to the USA from Europe.

You might even look more favorably on Norwegian $200 one-way ticket prices, if you need a way home to the USA due to crazy cheap business class travel schemes.

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  • Michael December 7, 2016

    great find, Ric!

    What about using AARP to reduce that $400 more?

  • Rick December 7, 2016

    @Michael: The AARP discount requires a flight that originates in the USA.

  • Ric Garrido December 7, 2016

    @IMH – Thanks. Fixed now.
    I probably have the broken link in my last 30 or 50 or more airfare deals.

    @Michael As @Rick commented, you have to start in USA for AARP discount. That does not even work from Canada.

  • J December 7, 2016

    $1000 less than $3000 is 33.3% less….not 50%.

  • Ric Garrido December 8, 2016

    @J Thanks for the correction.

    Actual ticket price is $1,700 ARN-LAX round trip in BA Business Class compared to $3,000 for LAX-ARN round trip Business Class.

    $1,700 is 43% less than $3,000.

    My title was incorrect since it showed ticket price as $1,915, Google Flights price. Ticket was $1,700 on BA site when I made analysis.

    I was vague in saying under $2,000 and I have corrected title and deleted 50% phrase.

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