China Southern Airlines Skyteam Alliance Sydney SYD Vancouver YVR

Vancouver YVR to Australia $585 China Southern

SkyTeam Alliance airline China Southern has $585 to $595 round trip ticket prices for travel from Vancouver YVR to Sydney or Melbourne, Australia. There are limited departure dates in January and February. Some itineraries force an overnight or long daytime layover in Guangzhou, China. These flights are searchable on Google Flights with links to major OTA sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline.

Orbitz ticket for China Southern Airlines  

Vancouver YVR – Guangzhou CAN – Sydney SYD – CAN – YVR

$594.46 round trip  Mon Feb 13 – Wed Feb 22

YVR-SYD $595 China Southern Feb13-22

YVR-SYD $595 CS-2 Feb13-22

Orbitz ticket for China Southern Airlines  

Vancouver YVR – Guangzhou CAN – Melbourne, Australia MEL – CAN – YVR

$584.32 round trip   Mon Feb 13 – Wed Feb 22

YVR-MEL $585 CS Feb13-22

YVR-MEL $585 CS-2 Feb13-22

Fiji Airways tickets Los Angeles to Sydney in February are pricing in $900s with major alliance carriers several hundred dollars more. China Southern has lowest fares from SFO to Sydney starting at $960 round trip.

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  • Corey November 30, 2016

    Northwest deals are very much appreciated. Thanks

  • weever November 30, 2016

    Flighting 20+ hours is crazy,PASS!

  • Peter November 30, 2016

    Seriously though, this is like the aviation version of “dumping”, there is no way they can even make back the fuel cost at less than US$300 each way… let alone covering other cost… it is just insane they are allow to do that. This indirectly impact other airlines and jobs at other airline because airline like China Southern are heavily government subsidies, so yes even though on the surface it looks like it is good for consumer, this is extremely unhealthy for the overall market. (Just think about how this is similar to China dumping cheap steel and put all the steel worker in North America out of business, etc).

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