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Seattle to London or Paris, plus Copenhagen and Reykjavik Icelandair $450 open-jaw stopover ticket

In my previous post I showed Icelandair round trip tickets from Seattle to Paris this winter-spring for $553 and London for $567. In this post I show how a simple ticketing strategy using open-jaw and stopover in Iceland allows you to lower the round trip ticket price for Seattle to London or Paris by more than $100, while also visiting Copenhagen, Denmark and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Icelandair allows a near-free stopover to be added to your USA-Europe round trip itinerary. Generally this raises the airfare from $5 to $20. Another feature of Icelandair are one-way ticket prices. The deal with London and Paris are the outbound ticket prices to Europe are lower than inbound from Europe. The simple ticketing strategy to lower the cost of a ticket to London or Paris with Icelandair is fly to London or Paris and return from Copenhagen or Stockholm, two cities with one-way fares from Europe to Seattle priced under $200.

Icelandair’s lowest round trip fares today for London $567.35 and Paris $552.26:

  • Seattle to London one way fare (with round trip ticket purchase) = $227.10
  • London to Seattle one way fare (with round trip ticket purchase) = $340.25
  • Seattle to Paris one way fare (with round trip ticket purchase) = $253.10
  • Paris to Seattle one way fare (with round trip ticket purchase) = $299.16

Icelandair’s lowest fares today for Copenhagen $386.34 and Stockholm $432.66:

  • Seattle to Copenhagen one way fare (with round trip ticket purchase) = $177.10
  • Copenhagen to Seattle one way fare (with round trip ticket purchase) = $209.24
  • Seattle to Stockholm one way fare (with round trip ticket purchase) = $205.10
  • Stockholm to Seattle one way fare (with round trip ticket purchase) = $227.56

The deal is these low one-way fares apply only when booking a round trip ticket.

For example, Seattle to London one-way ticket is $454.10, not the $227.10 shown above for a round trip ticket purchase.

The real deal with Icelandair is the ability to combine one-way fares for USA-London and return from a different city in Europe, like Copenhagen using the $209.24 one-way fare. Fly to London for $227.10 and you can return from Copenhagen for $209.24 for a total round trip ticket price $436.34.

Icelandair Seattle SEA – Reykjavik, Iceland KEF – London LHR / Copenhagen CPH – Reykjavik KEF – Seattle SEA

$436.34 open-jaw round trip  Monday March 6 – Friday March 17

SEA-LON-CPH $436 FI Mar6-17

Of course, this only makes sense if you can fly between London and Copenhagen for less than $130 and you don’t mind transiting through Copenhagen.

Ryanair London LTN – Copenhagen $13

Norwegian London LGW – Copenhagen $37 (available every date Jan 1 – March 30)

LON-CPH $13ow Mar14 Ryanair

Norwegian Airlines London LGW – Copenhagen CPH

$55.48 (44.90 GBP) one way LowFare+ (includes seat selection and one checked bag).

LGW-CPH $56 DY Mar15

Seattle – Reykjavik – London LHR (Icelandair) / London LGW – Copenhagen (Norwegian) / Copenhagen – Reykjavik – Seattle (Icelandair)

  • $436.34 Icelandair SEA-LHR / CPH – SEA round trip
  • $55.48 Norwegian LGW – CPH one way

Total Ticket Price = $491.82 round trip for London and Copenhagen.

This ticketing strategy reduces the price for Seattle to London from $567 to $492 for $75 savings, while adding a second European destination city Copenhagen to the trip itinerary.

But wait, if you act now you can get a third destination city for only a few dollars more.

Icelandair near free stopover allows you to add Reykjavik to the itinerary. You can book an open-jaw with stopover ticket online at Icelandair’s website.

Icelandair Seattle SEA – Reykjavik KEF – London LHR / Copenhagen CPH – Reykjavik (stopover) – Seattle

$450.19 round trip open-jaw with Iceland stopover

($505.67 total with Norwegian LowFare+ one way ticket LGW-CPH)

SEA-LHR-CPH-KEF $450 FI Mar6-17

Use Icelandair Multi-city function: 

Icelandair homepage

Building a Seattle to Paris round trip, open-jaw, stopover itinerary

SEA-CDG-CPH-KEF FI multi-city screen

Icelandair Seattle SEA – Reykjavik, Iceland – Paris CDG / Copenhagen CPH – Reykjavik (2-day stopover) – Seattle

$518.19 open-jaw stopover ticket  Mon March 6 – Fri March 17


There are plenty of nonstop flight options between Paris and Copenhagen with Norwegian, Air France and SAS .

PAR-CPH $32ow DY Mar13

Norwegian LowFare+ is $50.75 USD for seat selection and one checked bag. You may qualify for a free checked bag with one of the alliance airline options.

Sample Seattle to Paris, Copenhagen and Iceland European Trip Itinerary

  • Monday March 6 Seattle to Paris CDG, arrive March 7 (six nights Tue-Sun)
  • Monday March 13 Paris Orly ORY to Copenhagen (2 nights Mon-Tue)
  • Wednesday March 15 Copenhagen to Reykjavik, Iceland (2 nights Wed-Thu)
  • Friday March 17 Reykjavik to Seattle

Total ticket price $568.94 for Icelandair open-jaw, stopover SEA-CDG/CPH-SEA ($518.19) + Norwegian Paris ORY – CPH ($50.75)


My previous post showed several European cities with even lower Icelandair fares from Seattle than London or Paris including Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Manchester and Munich. You can plan a similar open-jaw, stopover ticket for about the same price or even lower total ticket price switching out London or Paris for any of these other cities.