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TAP Portugal $187-$237 one-way New York JFK to London, Paris, Rome and 20 other cities Jan-June

TAP Portugal fares this week from New York JFK, Boston and Miami offer some of the best deals available to Europe, especially if you only fly one-way from USA to Europe. Today, there are $187 one-way fares from New York JFK to Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Geneva and Zurich and $191 to London. There are more than 20 other cities in Europe priced at $227 one-way. These are categorized as TAP ‘Discount’ fares and offered on limited dates, primarily January to April. There are many more dates with TAP Portugal one-way fares to Europe for about $40 more.

You can book round trip tickets, however, the return one-way price tends to be $40 to $80 more for Europe-USA than USA-Europe one-way prices.

Departure Dates: Some of these cities are primarily winter fare dates, but, as one example, there are $187 to $199 fares for New York JFK to Barcelona from January into early June on limited dates.

Be Aware of high $65 + $20 TAP Portugal Self-Selected Seat Assignment Fees for Total Ticket Price, but bag flies free

The advantage of TAP Portugal over low cost carriers Norwegian and WOW is a free baggage allowance for both a carry-on (8kg) and one checked bag. There was a message stating checked bag is free, except on ‘Discount’ fares, but the final cost showed free checked bag for USA-Europe tickets I priced.

You still get hit with high seat fees at $65 for JFK-Portugal flight, plus $20 for self-selected seat assignment for Portugal to Europe destination airport. You need to add $85 in seat fees to the one-way ticket price for self-selected seat assignments on these deep discount one-way tickets from New York JFK, if you want to be sure you to eliminate the possibility of being assigned a middle seat by the airline for the flights.

The seat fees are similar for Europe to JFK at 60 EUR Portugal to JFK and 15 EUR for Europe to Portugal flight. 75 EUR = $81.37 USD at today’s exchange rate.

Interestingly, seat fees from Miami to Lisbon are only $30 + $20 for Lisbon to Barcelona. But Miami to Lisbon is $40 on a London ticket + $20 for Lisbon to London LGW. 

Still, these work out to be good fare deals to many of these destination cities, even with $85 in seat fees for $275 to $325 all-in one way to Europe.

TAP Portugal New York JFK – Lisbon LIS – Barcelona BCN

$198.90 one way Sun June 4

JFK-BCN $199ow TP June 4


New York JFK $186.90 One Way Fares

Links below are Google Flights dates to Sat Feb 4, a date with low fares across Europe. Use Google Flights calendar function to search other low fare dates.

Paris Orly $186.90

London Gatwick $191.35

Venice $186.90

Rome $186.90

Milan $186.90

Bologna $186.90

Barcelona $186.90

Madrid $186.90

Geneva $186.90

Zurich $186.90

New York JFK $236.90 One Way Fares to these Cities

Amsterdam $236.90

Brussels $236.90

Berlin $236.90

Frankfurt $236.90

Hamburg $236.90

Munich $236.90

Luxembourg City $236.90

Vienna $236.90

Lyon $236.90

Nice $236.90

Toulouse $236.90

Asturias $236.90

Bilbao $236.90

Malaga $236.90

Seville $236.90

Valencia $236.90

Vigo $236.90

These $187 one-way fares were also around a couple weeks ago when I wrote this post:

Loyalty Traveler – TAP Portugal LAX, SFO, BOS, JFK, MIA to Europe beats Norwegian and WOW low fare deals (Oct 31) showing $414 round trip for New York JFK to Madrid. That $414 fare was the combined cost for two one-way tickets: $187 one way fare (JFK-MAD) + $227 (MAD-JFK).

There have also been deals with one-way ticket prices from Los Angeles and San Francisco to European cities around $300 on TAP Portugal using JetBlue partner flights to New York JFK. I give examples of these fares in my comparison post of TAP Portugal to Norwegian and WOW in the link above.

TAP Portugal $302 one way SFO to London Gatwick LGW Nov-Mar (Oct 20)

JFK, EWR, Boston and Miami $480-$580 Tap Portugal to western Europe one of best deals around Nov-March (Oct 1)

TAP Portugal $477-$587 New York JFK or Newark EWR to 28 cities in Europe Oct-March 2017 (Sep 28)