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BA or KLM $397-$489 Seattle to Riga, Latvia or Tallinn, Estonia Jan-Mar

There are loads of low fares from Seattle to Europe for winter travel today. Here are two deals to Riga, Latvia from $397-$489 and Tallinn, Estonia $466. KLM fares can be booked directly through their website and are the easier fares to search and offer better schedule choices.

British Airways is the $397 fare, bookable through OTA sites, but requires a change of airport in London and overnight in one direction for any of the low fare itineraries I found. or will help you find the low fares for British Airways flights. Check out the end of this post for an interesting analysis indicating is the better meta-search engine for these fares.

ExploreTrip OTA ticket $397.26 round trip for British Airways /Air Baltic/Finnair flights Feb 18 – Feb 27

Seattle – London LHR (23 hour overnight layover) / London LGW – Riga RIX – Helsinki HEL – London LHR – Seattle SEA

SEA-RIX $397 BA-ota Feb18-27

This is actually the kind of ticket I enjoy with a free long layover of 23 hours in London before traveling on to another city in Europe. The 12noon arrival time is perfect for getting into London and having the afternoon and evening to hang out and spend several hours in the city. Getting to Gatwick Airport the next morning is not too tough to catch an 11am flight.


KLM tickets are searchable through Google Flights, but no direct links. Fares direct you to call KLM with a $25 booking fee. But you can go to KLM website and plug in dates to book the low fare directly through KLM USA website.

Seattle – Tallinn $452 round trip fare below is March 4 – March 12.

Google Flights KL SEA-RIX $452


KLM Seattle – New York JFK – Amsterdam AMS – Tallinn TLL – AMS – JFK – SEA

$466.30 round trip  Sat March 4 – Sun March 12

SEA-TLL $466 KL Mar4-12


KLM ticket for Delta-operated flights Seattle – Paris CDG – Riga, Latvia RIX – Paris CDG – Seattle

$488.56 round trip  Sat Feb 11 – Sat Feb 18

SEA-RIX $489 KL Feb11-18

Is better than for OTA low fare searches?

Fascinating to me is a head-to-head comparison of and deep links to the same OTA site for the same itinerary. I don’t recall ever comparing the two sites before. Both sites linked to for the lowest fare Seattle to Riga for the same dates, however, the price on is $5.00 less through link compared to link to TravelMerry.

SkyScanner link to British Airways / Air Baltic ticket

$396.46 round trip Wed Feb 15 – Fri Feb 24 

SEA-RIX $396 BA-ota Feb15-24 link to British Airways / Air Baltic ticket

$401.46 round trip Wed Feb 15 – Fri Feb 24

SEA-RIX $401 BA-MOM Feb15-24

The BA low fare I displayed at the beginning of this post with the 23-hour overnight transit layover in London was found through did not show any BA fares for those Feb 18-27 dates. Skyscanner was definitely the better meta-search engine In my searches of these Seattle fares.