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Grab Mlife Gold and Platinum tiers before 2017 World of Hyatt

Hyatt Gold Passport elite members might be well advised to take ten minutes this week to call MGM Resorts for an Mlife tier match based on your current 2016 Hyatt elite membership level. I made my call on Friday for a tier match based on Hyatt Diamond status in 2016. I’m headed to Las Vegas this month and MGM Resorts room rates are quite competitive and particularly good value with additional Mlife Platinum elite benefits.

To receive your matched tier in M life Rewards, call (800) 323-7249 and provide both your Hyatt Gold Passport and M life Rewards membership numbers. You can join Mlife online or probably do it over the phone when you call for a match. I have been a member since the program started in 2013, but I had to reactivate my account last week since I have not frequented Vegas much the past few years.

The current Mlife Elite Tier match level for Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elites is Mlife Gold.

Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond elite matches to Mlife Platinum.

The new World of Hyatt hotel loyalty program launches March 1, 2017. One of the changes is a lower Mlife tier elite match for current Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum and Diamond members. In 2016, HGP Diamond members match to Mlife Platinum. World of Hyatt in 2017 match Hyatt top-tier Globalist (60 nights elite level) and Explorist (30 nights elite level) only to Mlife Gold. Whether that is much of a downgrade depends on your stay pattern and travel style with MGM.

Hyatt Platinum Elite Tier Alert: There is a big change for Hyatt Visa credit card members with complimentary Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elite membership in 2016. Hyatt Visa card members change to Discoverist elites in World of Hyatt (10 nights elite level). Discoverists only match to Mlife Pearl tier with a reduction in several benefits available to Mlife Gold members on MGM Resorts hotel stays.

Hyatt Gold Passport 2016 Elite Member Matches to Mlife Tier

  • Hyatt Gold Passport non-elite member = Mlife Sapphire tier
  • Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elite member = Mlife Gold tier
  • Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond elite member = Mlife Platinum tier

Hyatt Mlife tier match 2016


World of Hyatt Elite Member Tiers  in 2017

World of Hyatt changes the loyalty program to three elite tiers.

10 elite qualifying nights = Discoverist (complimentary tier for Hyatt Visa Card members).

30 elite qualifying nights = Explorist

60 elite qualifying nights = Globalist

Hyatt World 2017 elite tiers

World of Hyatt Elite Member Tier Match to Mlife Tier in 2017

  • World of Hyatt non-elite member = no match
  • World of Hyatt Discoverist elite member = Mlife Pearl tier
  • World of Hyatt Explorist elite member = Mlife Gold tier
  • World of Hyatt Globalist elite member = Mlife Gold tier

World of Hyatt elite tiers header

Hyatt World Mlife 2017 tier match

Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum and Hyatt Visa Card Members put in for an Mlife tier match soon to avoid any rules changes before March 1.

Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum, including all Hyatt Visa Card Members currently match to Mlife Gold in 2016. World of Hyatt will recategorize most of these elite members into Discoverist with an Mlife tier match downgrade to Mlife Pearl.  

Mlife Elite Member benefits

The question is what kinds of Mlife Tier benefits are impacted by Platinum and Diamond Mlife tier downgrades to Gold and Pearl?

Hotel Discount Rates – All Mlife members get 15% off room rates.

Room Upgrades – Mlife Gold members have upgrades listed as a benefit. World of Hyatt Discoverists lose that benefit in 2017.

Gaming – Each Mlife tier earns higher points. Change from Mlife Platinum to Gold is a drop from 30% to 20% gaming points. Mlife Gold to Pearl is 20% to 10%.

Pool Cabanas and Bungalows – Mlife Platinum members have priority access. That is not an Mlife Gold benefit.

Spa/Salon – Mlife Platinum members have priority access. That is not an Mlife Gold benefit.

Retail Shops Discount  – Mlife Platinum members get 15% off. Mlife Gold and Pearl = 10%.

Dining – Mlife Gold members have priority reservations and line access. Mlife Pearl members only get Las Vegas buffet line pass.

Nightclubs and Pool Clubs – VIP Line Access to Nightclubs and Pool Day Clubs for You and a Guest for Mlife Gold and Platinum members. This benefit will be lost to current Hyatt Platinum members in 2017 when tier match drops to Pearl for World of Hyatt Discoverist members.

Valet Parking and Taxis – Mlife Platinum members get priority lines for valet parking and taxis.

Valet parking and taxi lines and free valet parking are probably one of the most popular benefits for Las Vegas trips. There is a 20 to 30 minute wait sometimes for your car or a long line for taxis. Hyatt Diamond members can currently match to Mlife Platinum. This status match may change at any time to Mlife Gold, the highest tier match for Hyatt elites offered in the new World of Hyatt program. Mlife Gold members get complimentary valet parking. This is a benefit you can lock in now with a Hyatt Platinum member status match to Gold. Valet parking will not be free for a World of Hyatt Discoverist matching to Mlife Pearl in 2017.

Free Parking at MGM Resorts for Mlife Pearl Members

One major MGM Resorts benefit still available in the new World of Hyatt to current Hyatt Platinum and Visa card members is free parking.

M life Rewards Members Parking

  • Self-parking is complimentary* for Pearl, Gold, Platinum and NOIR M life Rewards Members
  • Valet-parking is complimentary* for Gold, Platinum and NOIR M life Rewards Members
  • Scan your qualifying M life card for entry and exit (you do not need to take a ticket)

I’ll be heading to Las Vegas for a family gathering. Now that I have refreshed my memory on all the benefits available to Mlife elite members, MGM is looking like a good value option for my upcoming family gathering trip.


  • Jay November 1, 2016

    Thanks for covering this in detail as I have checked the other blogs and no one was specifically addressing the MLife/World Of Hyatt relationship in detail. The real reason I gave Hyatt my business was based on the MLife relationship as I stay in Las Vegas quite a bit. But this year I qualified for MLife Gold outright. I never figured Hyatt would change their program so drastically. I don’t need to bother for next year though. I hope others in my position let Hyatt know what they think by not giving them any business going forward. World Of Hyatt and the new tier names are so idiotic. See ya Hyatt!!

  • TJ November 1, 2016

    Anyone have first hand experience with VIP club access for mlife platinums?

  • Angie November 1, 2016

    Is there a way to tell when my mlife membership expires? I am logged in, but I can’t see it for the life of me… Thanks!

  • Jay November 2, 2016

    @Angie MLife membership calendar is Oct 1st to end of Sept annually. Not sure why but if you qualified for MLife prior to the end of Sept. you are good until the end of Sept. 2017.

  • Ric Garrido November 2, 2016

    Jay is correct. I found Mlife tier expiration policy in FAQ:

    ‘When does my tier expire?
    Tiers expire on October 1 each year. Tier Credits earned from October 1 to September 30 qualify you for your tier beginning each October 1. If you advance to a higher tier at any time, you’ll enjoy those benefits for at least one full year.’

  • Angie November 2, 2016

    Thanks Jay and Ric!

  • Nico November 2, 2016

    So I called Hyatt to match this about 6 days ago and my Mlife account hasn’t updated. I had Mlife Gold (matched from Hyatt Platinum last January), but I’ve got Hyatt Diamond now, so I called to match over to Platinum when the WOH news broke. But, as I said, my Mlife account hasn’t updated. Wondering if they’re already matching Diamond–>Gold. That would be a bummer.

  • Terry November 3, 2016

    So basically this buys you some more time at Gold without achieving higher Hyatt status, but what happens after that? Will the downgrade kick in after a year and you’ll be back to Pearl?

  • Ric Garrido November 3, 2016

    @Nico – I was hoping to learn first-hand if Hyatt Diamond members still get Mlife Platinum.

    I was one of the media bloggers invited to the Hyatt-Mlife launch party at MGM in July 2013. We were given complimentary Mlife Noir status.

    My reactivated account still shows Mlife Noir, so I don’t personally know if Hyatt Diamond members are still being matched to Mlife Platinum.

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  • Ric Garrido November 6, 2016

    My status was downgraded to Mlife Platinum within a day of writing this comment about still being Mlife Noir.

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