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Did you know there are 60 Best Western Hotels in Paris?

Paris keeps crossing my mind this past week as I have focused on planning European travel for 2017. Paris seems like a good destination for a winter trip when cold weather makes cafes and museums more desirable for spending the day inside compared to summer travel when Paris is more fun living outdoors. Paris is a destination I am considering for six nights this winter, but currently Lisbon, Portugal is winning my internal European election polling.

In my trip planning research I was blown away to see a map of Paris hotels on

I count 60 hotels within 10 miles of central Paris, between Charles de Gaulle CDG airport on the north side of Paris and Paris Orly ORY on the south side of the metropolitan city region.

Best Western Hotels Paris, France

Best Western Paris hotel map-2

This Best Western close-up map view shows about 40 hotels within a range of 9 kilometers to walk between the top northern hotel and bottom southern hotel. Nice thing about so many Best Western Hotel choices is the option to move around the city to different areas and explore neighborhoods all over Paris outside the door of your hotel location without spending a lot of time in transit to reach different parts of the city each day.

There is a wide range of room rates with several hotels over 200 EUR per night and several under 100 EUR per night.

Best Western Opera Leige Paris is near Opera Garnier, one of the historic cultural centers of Paris and an area of fine shopping stores and luxury hotels these days. This is the area where I stayed at the InterContinental Le Grand on a free reward night last year. W Paris is in same area.

Best Western Premier Opera Leige Paris


BW Opera Paris room rates

This Best Western hotel has a staggering rate of 309 EUR in February 2017 for a King Bed. The real deal here are reward nights at 28,000 points. There are not many Best Western hotels I find with high value redemption rates. This is one of the better values I see for BW Rewards points with 28,000 points buying a 309 EUR room night ($340 USD). That is a redemption value of $12.14 per 1,000 points.

While I don’t spend too many nights in Best Western hotels, I have accumulated tens of thousands of points, mostly through points purchases during the annual Daily Getaways sale. Best Western points go on sale during the annual U.S. Travel Association Daily Getaways travel offers. In April 2016 the price was $5.50 per 1,000 points with a maximum purchase of 50,000 points. Best Western Opera Leige Paris would be a $154 hotel night if you had purchased points in 2016.

Loyalty Traveler – Value of Best Western Rewards points (Apr 6, 2016)

Loyalty Traveler – Going to Switzerland? Consider buying Best Western Rewards points (March 29, 2016).

Best Western Bastille

I also have a $100 Best Western e-gift card for a successful best rate guarantee claim earlier this year. There are hotels like Best Western Saint Martin Bastille in central Paris for 71.20 EUR ($78.22/night) with a Queen Bed. This same room is 20,000 Best Western Rewards points for a horrible redemption value.

In 2000 I found myself in Paris for a few days and stayed at the most affordable hotel I could find in the city. It was a Best Western in the Latin Quarter. I remember the bijou room on a residential side street fondly for its proximity to the River Seine and walks to Notre-Dame Cathedral.


  • Hannie October 29, 2016


  • Jamie October 29, 2016

    Can you use GCs in US dollars at Best Western in Paris?

  • Ric Garrido October 29, 2016

    I used my last $100 USD Best Western Travel Card earned from a best rate guarantee in the USA to pay for a hotel stay in Amsterdam earlier this year.

  • Marilyn B October 29, 2016

    Very interesting, and Paris is probably more enjoyable without the hordes of summer tourists.

    As for Lisbon, I think you might enjoy it a lot more in the warmer weather as it is a city best appreciated outdoors. We were originally going to travel to Portugal in late November one year, but went to London instead. Then we ended up going to Portugal in June 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed it, having long days to stroll all about the city, although it was very hot some days. I realize that Portugal is probably rather temperate even in winter, but you will appreciate traveling during a time of longer daylight hours. Sintra is easily reached from Lisbon, and I would think it best when you have more daylight to enjoy the park as there is much to see. Late March, early April could be an ideal time as days get longer, weather gets warmer but the crowds still aren’t so big. Many bargains to be had, too.

  • MB October 30, 2016

    My favorite is BW Hotel Opera Diamond, Paris. BW’s in Europe are better quality and reputation than those in USA

  • nsx at FlyerTalk October 30, 2016

    There’s one inside the walled city of Carcassone too, although the cash price is low enough to make the points less of a screaming deal. That’s a tourist destination worth a detour.

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