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American $657-$682 Tyler, Texas TYR to Hong Kong Oct-May

What is up with TYR Airport in Tyler, Texas 121 miles from Dallas? American Airlines has tickets for $657 round trip from Tyler, Texas to Hong Kong, connecting via Dallas DFW. The AA fare from DFW to Hong Kong is a low $1,151 round trip. United prices DFW-HKG at $715.

Departure dates run from this week into late May 2017 with fares from $657 to $682 most dates.

Google Flights alerted me to lower Hong Kong fares fares from Tyler TYR. I have seen Tyler, Texas lower fares come up before on Google Flights when checking Dallas fares. In June, I posted a $613 fare from Tyler TYR to Hong Kong on American for travel in October.

I wish I could find fare differences like that from my home airport Monterey MRY, 110 miles south of San Francisco SFO.

American Airlines Tyler TYR – Dallas DFW – Los Angeles LAX – Hong Kong HKG (AA) – Seoul ICN (Cathay Pacific) – Dallas DFW (AA) – TYR

$664.26 round trip  Fri March 3 – Sun Mar 12

TYR-HKG $664 AA Mar3-12

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  • Charlotte (TYR) October 19, 2016

    Being closest to the TYR airport, that is tempting….

  • Danny October 19, 2016

    HKG to MRY is $665. Too bad it is the opposite direction for you.

    Also, HKG to LAS $553 and HKG to LGA $530

  • AP October 19, 2016

    Only showing that price but if you go to book it – it jumps to $1000+.

    Has anyone actually even tried to book that fare?

  • Rober October 19, 2016

    Thank you for posting deals from Texas!
    Keep them coming!!!

  • Ric Garrido October 20, 2016

    @Danny – Far lower price for Asia-California round trip is a good example for why most of my ticket purchases for trips to Europe are round trip travel starting from Europe to California for prices about 50% of tickets from California to Europe.

    I have a relative who may be living in Asia next year and I will likely become more familiar with Asia to California ticket prices in the coming months.

    @AP – I double checked to see if the fare was bookable. I have no problem getting to the credit card payment page of at the $657 ticket price. To me that indicates this fare is available at that price.

  • Benjamin J Travel October 20, 2016

    When flying to HKG I like to check other cities in Texas like AUS and IAH because they are frequently much cheaper than DFW.

    But never thought of originating in TYR. Good to know!

    That 121 mile drive from Dallas though is sure long and boring.

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