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Why IHG Accelerate fall 2016 ended for me in first week after a single $94 hotel stay

IHG Accelerate is the fall 2016 promotion for IHG Rewards Club members. The promotion has a guarantee for at least 30,000 potential bonus points on InterContinental Hotels Group stays from September 6 to December 15. Each member’s set of tasks to earn 30,000 or more bonus points are individually targeted.

An interesting situation happened with me back in April 2016 when my IHG Rewards Club account was hacked by a savvy person using the telephone to spend my points on New York City hotel rooms. This was not a sophisticated computer hack. This apparently was a sweet-talker hack who was able to redeem points for New York City hotels from three of my loyalty accounts pretending to be me booking a hotel with another named guest arriving before me. In the course of three nights, this person drained over 200,000 points from my hotel loyalty accounts and someone stayed in these New York hotels during the same weekend I was staying in hotels in Amsterdam. Bottom line is I got all my points back in each hotel loyalty program.

IHG Accelerate offers tend to be based on past stay history

The deal with IHG Rewards Club is my entire account was changed to a new account after the fraudulent activity in April. A problem resulted from my IHG Rewards Club account change. I was near the end of completing the tasks for the 2016 IHG Accelerate promotion Jan 1-April 30. My final hotel stay to complete the targeted task of two Holiday Inn stays and earn 9,600 bonus points was completed during the time I had my old IHG account number, but posted as a hotel stay under my new IHG account number. I never received credit for completing two Holiday Inn hotel stays to earn 9,600 bonus points for that Accelerate task and also trigger the 17,700 bonus points for meeting my required tasks for IHG Accelerate Jan-Apr promotion.

And six months later the 27,300 bonus points I should have earned after my April 2016 hotel stay at Holiday Inn Vilnius, Lithuania still have not posted to my account. I guess it is time for another follow-up phone call to IHG Rewards Club.

I also attribute my new IHG Rewards Club account with no IHG stay history to the crappy offer I was given for the current IHG Accelerate promotion Sep 6-Dec 15.

IHG Accelerate 16 Offer Ric

My 38,000 total bonus points IHG Accelerate fall 2016 offer.

  • Earn 5,000 bonus points with a September IHG stay.
  • Earn 3,000 bonus points with one stay.
  • Earn up to 30,000 bonus points with 2x points beginning on your second stay.

I completed my first stay for the IHG Accelerate bonus at Holiday Inn London Commercial Road paying $94 for one night in early September during the first week of this promotion.

Loyalty Traveler – Hotel Review Holiday Inn London Commercial Road.

This week my IHG rewards Club account posted 8,000 bonus points. Not bad on a $94 hotel stay in central London within easy walking distance to the Tower of London.

Any remaining stays at IHG hotels over the next 2.5 months only earn double points for my account. That means an extra 1,000 IHG points for every $100 in spend which is about a $6 rebate points incentive. Double points is not any incentive to direct my hotel spend to IHG, unless there are no better deals to be found. And I almost always find good hotel deals wherever I travel.

That is why IHG Accelerate fall 2016 ended for me in the first week of this three month promotion after a single $94 hotel stay.

Now, I better make another effort to get those missing IHG Accelerate bonus points from last April. The new IHG PointBreaks list for reward nights at 5,000 points will post in late October and I have a two week trip to Europe in December where I will be seeking good IHG Rewards Club value from the points I have already earned in 2016. Those missing 27,300 bonus points from the April 2016 Accelerate points might buy 5 IHG PointBreaks hotel nights somewhere.



  • walterj October 2, 2016

    IHG promotions seem to be getting less and less interesting. I also have gotten poor promotions the last few times. I hardly bother, a night or two at ihg chosen here and there for price or location – ignoring the promotion.

  • DaninMCI October 2, 2016

    The problem with the IHG promos is if you don’t have any or many stays then you get a weak (in points) offer but it may be fairly easy to meet. If you stay a ton at IHG then you get a strong (in points) offer but it may be nearly impossible to meet it.

  • Mark October 2, 2016

    I’m going to end up with 39,000 points after 4 nights. Plus, I’ll earn another about 10,000 more points from the standard earning on those four nights. There’s a Holiday Inn Resort in Redmond, Oregon we like that’s only 10,000 a night but typically costs around $150 a night in the summer. So, we’re basically going to earn five free nights worth about $750 for only $500-ish worth of paid stays.

  • Rae Franks October 7, 2016

    The salesman was a liar, mostly by omission. He led me to believe I would be staying at the Holiday Inn Lodge in Gatlinburg, TN. He failed to say anything about it being a pitch for a time share in Florida, no less! How ridiculous, as I would NEVER consider buying a time share. He failed to tell me my stay in Gatlinberg would be at any run-of-house (whatever they wanted to stick me in,) and that there were peak seasons when I couldn’t go. Now, I am having to do much to get this refunded. They said NO refund. The issue is, none of this was known when I was transferred to this liar salesman, but found out a few days later when I got home from my trip and looked at my emails. When I asked the the salesman why would they do this giveaway, he carried on and on about how they want to show the quality and features of their remodeled resort, then go back home to “spread the word” about my stay in their lodge. NO! What a ripoff by IHG! Luckily I charged to my credit card, and they are sending documents for me to sign to get my refund. I will never stay in another Holiday Inn.

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