Aer Lingus American Airlines Delta Airlines Dublin DUB Dublin, Ireland New York JFK Philadelphia PHL

Delta $523 JFK-Dublin, Aer Lingus $516, American $553 PHL-Dublin, Oct-June 15

Delta Airlines has New York JFK to Dublin at $523 to $533 for departures from mid-November to February 2017. American Airlines has a much longer season from Philadelphia with Dublin tickets at $553 from October to June 15, 2017. Delta tickets are priced around $555 for travel in October and March to June 15.

Delta Airlines  New York JFK – Dublin DUB nonstop

$532.52 round trip (Air France codeshare ticket for Delta flights) Sat Feb 4 – Sun Feb 12

JFK-DUB $532 AF Feb4-12


Aer Lingus New York JFK – Dublin DUB nonstop

$516.05 round trip  Sat Feb 4 – Sun Feb 12

JFK-DUB $516 Aer Lingus Feb4-12


American Airlines Philadelphia PHL – Dublin DUB nonstop

$554.46 round trip Friday May 5 – Sunday May 14

PHL-DUB $554 AA May5-14

While these are reasonable fares to Dublin, there have been deals in recent months with ticket prices dropping to upper $200s/low $300s round trip. This is a decent deal for planning a trip Oct-Dec, but I’d hold out for a lower fare opportunity if planning to travel in 2017.

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