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High Tatra Peaks Slovakia on a Clear Sky Morning

This morning I was blessed upon looking out the window of Grand Hotel, Stary Smokovec. The sky was clear blue above the High Tatra peaks for the first time in four days since I arrived in northern Slovakia. Without delay I snapped photos of the two highest peaks in the Carpathian Mountain Range since I was leaving the Tatra Mountains in a couple hours.

To understand why these mountain peak views in clear skies are so special for me, you may want to see my post with photos from two days ago, when I was less than 1,500 feet below Lomnicky peak (Lomnický štít), the second highest peak in the Carpathian Mountains with an elevation of 2,634 meters (8,641 feet).

Loyalty Traveler – Lomnické sedlo, Slovakia – Roof of the High Tatras.

These peaks are located in the High Tatras of Slovakia in Europe’s smallest alpine mountain range. My photos were taken from Grand Hotel windows.

Lomnicky Peak

Lomnický štít 

An aerial cable car goes to the top of Lomnický štít and the restaurant and observatory were visible on the peak this morning.

Yesterday, I hiked the Tatra National Park trail leading up toward Gerlachovský štít, the highest peak of the High Tatras at 2,655 m/8,711 feet in the 930 mile long Carpathian Mountains. All I saw were clouds and fog as I became chilled in the cold temperatures at 6,000 feet.

Gerlachovský štít

Gerlachovský štít

After four days in the High Tatras, I could have easily missed these views. By 11am in the morning all the peaks were shrouded in clouds again.





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