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AA/DL/UA/FI $511-$613 Portland PDX to London Nov-Dec

Icelandair’s low fares from Portland to London have spurred the major alliance airlines, American-Delta-United, to lower fares to England for the brief two week period at the first half of December 2016. United Airlines takes this challenge and runs with it by even offering low fares for departures during the week before Christmas with return dates from Dec 27 or Jan 4 at around $606 round trip. Icelandair has some low fare dates in November too.

Portland PDX to London – Low fare departure dates:

  • Icelandair Tuesdays Nov 8 – Dec 6 $511 – $596 round trip
  • American Dec 5-14 $580 – $608 round trip
  • Delta Dec 5-15 $594 – $614 round trip
  • United Dec 5 – Dec 19 $599 – $614 round trip

United Airlines  Portland PDX – San Francisco SFO – London LHR – Newark EWR – Portland PDX

$613.26 round trip Monday Dec 19 – Wed Jan 4

PDX-LHR $613 UA Dec19-Jan 4 metasearch brings up online travel agency sites with fares as low as $540 round trip flying on these same dates.

PDX-LON $540-ota Dec 19-Jan4

American Airlines  Portland PDX – Phoenix PHX – Orlando MCO – London LGW (British Airways) – New York JFK (BA) – Chicago ORD – PDX

$588.26 round trip Tue Dec 13 – Wed Dec 21

PDX-LGW $588 AA Dec 13-21

Icelandair  Portland PDX – Reykjavik, Iceland KEF – London LGW – Reykjavik – Portland PDX

$572.28 round trip  Tue Dec 6 – Mon Dec 12

PDX-LON $576 FI Dec 6-12

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  • bluecat September 6, 2016

    Tried out some of the fares from PDX. Google Flights shows the 511 fare but when you click thru to any of the OTA , that fare does not come up. And I could not get it on Icelandair, either—I would have pulled the trigger if I could do a stopover in Iceland.

    The only OTA that had the price was priceline, sort of: they had it at $478! (I didn’t click thru to the final screen so who knows what it might have come up as…)

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