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AA/DL/FI/UA $504-$571 Seattle to Frankfurt Oct-Mar

Icelandair low $504 round trip tickets from Seattle to Frankfurt has created low fare deals from $557 to $571 with the major airlines American, Delta and United, as also seen this weekend from Icelandair hubs in Washington IAD, New York and Chicago. This is a winter sale from Dec 4-14 and resuming Jan 10-11 to March 31. Icelandair has low fare dates from last week of October through November too.

American Airlines Seattle SEA – Charlotte CLT – Frankfurt FRA – Dallas DFW – Seattle SEA

$569.16 round trip  Sat Feb 11 – Sun Feb 19

SEA-FRA $570 AA Feb11-19

Delta Airlines  Seattle SEA – Detroit DTW – Frankfurt FRA – Detroit DTW – Seattle SEA

$570.66 round trip  Sat Feb 11 – Sun Feb 19 (Air France flights are $595 round trip).

SEA-FRA $570 DL Feb11-19

Lufthansa Airlines  Seattle SEA – Frankfurt FRA – Seattle SSEA nonstop flights

$556.04 round trip  Sat Feb 11 Sun Feb 19

SEA-FRA $556 LH Feb11-19

Icelandair  Seattle SEA – Reykjavik, Iceland KEF – Frankfurt FRA – KEF – SEA

$503.30 round trip  Sat Feb 11 – Sun Feb 18

SEA-FRA $504 FI Feb11-19

You can book a nearly free stopover in Iceland when making your reservation on the Icelandair website.

Yesterday I wrote a post on crediting Icelandair flights to Finnair when you take advantage of these low fare deals to Europe.

Loyalty Traveler – Icelandair to Europe low fares earn Finnair points (Sep 4).

Loyalty Traveler curated Airfare Deals and Google Flights and Kayak Explore tutorials.


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