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Star Alliance NYC to Europe 13 countries $440-$575 Nov 26-Dec 15 departures

There is a discount fare window for travel with many alliance airlines for departures from Thanksgiving Day November 26 to December 15, 2016. This period between the two major U.S. holiday weeks is one of the slowest air travel periods of the year for U.S. traffic and a great time to find airline ticket discounts.

New York and Washington are two airports showing competition among the major alliances for routes to Europe. Star Alliance looks to have the most widespread deals and overall lowest fares on most of these routes. There is some competition with Oneworld and SkyTeam on other routes, particularly where they are protecting their own London and Paris traffic.

Amsterdam $440, Brussels $443, Manchester $525, Munich $530 round trip. LOT Polish has a $468 round trip fare from New York JFK to Belgrade that is not being challenged.

New York has more routes on sale than Washington.

New York City Airports to Europe Star Alliance fares Nov 28 – Dec 5.

$440 Amsterdam, Netherlands

$443 Brussels,Belgium

$465 Stockholm, Sweden

$478 Belgrade, Serbia (LOT Polish via Warsaw)

$499 Oslo, Norway

$503 Copenhagen, Denmark

$523 Helsinki, Finland

$525 Hamburg, Germany

$525 Manchester, UK

$530 Munich, Germany

$533 Porto, Portugal

$570 Bucharest, Romania

$575 Dublin, Ireland

$582 Barcelona, Spain

$583 Madrid, Spain (many cities in Spain are in $500s flying TAP Portugal)

$584 Lisbon, Portugal

$594 Dusseldorf, Germany

$598 Frankfurt, Germany

$621 Venice, Italy

$631 Paris, France

$647 Berlin, Germany

Google Flights Star Alliance Fare Map New York City to Europe Nov 28 – Dec 5

Google Flights Star Nov28-Dec5 NYC-Europe

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