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United $392-$439 Newark to Amsterdam nonstop Nov-Mar

United has a limited low fare window for low priced tickets from Newark EWR to Amsterdam from Thanksgiving Day Thursday, Nov 24 through December 15 with $439 fares posted and wide open availability. The fare returns slightly higher at $461 January 11 to March 31.

There are lower ticket prices with meta-for online travel agencies with fares in November and fares in 2017 for the same nonstop United flights priced around $400 or less round trip for this route.

United Airlines  Newark EWR – Amsterdam AMS

$439.36 round trip  Sat Nov 26 – Sun Dec 4

EWR-AMS $439 UA Nov26-Dec 4 search for same Nov 26-Dec 4 dates:

United Airlines  Newark EWR – Amsterdam AMS

$392 USD ticket.

EWR-AMS $392 UAmomondo Nov26-Dec4

This OTA ticket prices shaves $47 off the UA website price.

Savings are even better in 2017 when UA raises price to $461 and the same United nonstop flights are $403 on

United Airlines Newark – Amsterdam

$403.36 round trip ticket  Wed March 8 – Wed March 15

EWR-AMS $403 UA-ota Mar8-15


  • Eduardo Kriger August 26, 2016

    it was NOT a lufthansa flight, which is what i was expecting and wanted. it was a united flight . i wanted to fly lufthansa because it is a higher quality experience than united, but for some reason after i bought the ticket i learned that united was operating the flight for lufthansa

  • Marilyn B August 26, 2016

    Rick, have you ever used TravelMerry? I’ve read a lot of negative reports on them. When I use momondo to search, they always have lower fares than United on routes I’m watching but I am really hesitant to book with them based on the mixed reviews. Any personal experience to share on any 3rd party bookers you may have used?

    Thanks. Love your blog – nice to read reports of a real traveler, not just regaling us with tales of champagne in FC.

  • Ric Garrido August 27, 2016

    @Marilyn B. – I have not used links for a ticket purchase. I tried last week when I found a good fare to Stockholm, but the two Swedish OTA sites I tried would not take my U.S. credit card. Eventually I ended up at where I found a similar priced fare and about $60 lower than SAS website.

    I post fares due to their lower fares, but still post the airline’s fare in most cases.

    These OTA travel agencies are fine unless you run into a problem. I came across that issue in London Heathrow last month when a passenger next to me at United customer service desk was complaining his flight was canceled and the airline had not notified him. The agent said that they would have notified him if he had booked his flight through the airline or after booking his flight on Expedia, if he had registered his ticket with United for flight updates they would have notified him the flight was canceled by email and text.

    After I book an airline ticket or hotel with an online travel agency, especially if it is a significantly discounted ticket like the $225 round trip ticket I bought to New Zealand last April, then I call the airline to verify I have a ticket and everything looks set to go.

    I have to be a budget traveler. I don’t sell readers anything through my blog.

    Fortunate for me that I don’t like champagne. I am the guy in the First Class lounge complaining about no beer in glass bottles!
    I’m talking to you British Airways First in LHR Terminal 5.

  • Marilyn B August 27, 2016

    Thanks for this useful info. Keep up the great work on the blog – I love reading about your trips.

    Actually, we were in Dublin last November, and used info from your blog to do part of the coastal walk from Booterstown, but we only got as far as Sandy Cove and the Joyce Tower, not all the way to Dalkey. Had terrific weather and it was a great day out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • […] United had Newark EWR – Amsterdam at $439 round trip all weekend and it looks like Delta is hitting back at Lufthansa’s Germany routes and Austrian Airlines Vienna routes. I see matching fares to Poland, but still in $600s. United has had the most low fares from USA to Europe this past week and finally a response from another alliance. […]

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