Registration open for IHG Accelerate 2016 Sep 6-Dec 15

IHG Accelerate 2016 is the fall global promotion for IHG Rewards Club members for stays from September 6 through December 15, 2016. Each member can earn at least 30,000 bonus points.

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate 2016

As typical for IHG Rewards Club promotions, this Accelerate offer started out rough for many IHG members similarly to most of the IHG promotions these past two years. Many members like me simply got an error link when trying to register yesterday.

IHG Accelerate 2016 registration error

Today I was able to register both my account and my wife’s account.

In short, my offer sucks for 38,000 bonus points.

IHG Accelerate 16 Offer Ric

One stay in September earns 8,000 points. After that all my stays earn double points or 20 points/$1, up to 30,000 bonus points. So, for every $100 I spend I earn an extra 10 points/$1 or 1,000 points. I need to spend $3,000 to max out my double points offer for 30,000 bonus points.

I’ll probably book one night to earn 8,000 points and there is no incentive with my promotion offer to book more nights.

Kelley’s IHG Accelerate 2016 Offer 52,600 bonus points

IHG Accelerate 16 Kelley offer

September stay 5,000 bonus points and 16,000 points for two InterContinental stays are interesting. Her offer has potential, but InterContinental Hotels in California are quite expensive. Las Vegas could make this a potential deal with the right combination of 4 nights.

Most likely this will be a promotion we sit out.

You can get a good idea from the discussion on this FlyerTalk thread of what kinds of targeted offers are out there for members.

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  1. My offer is 59,500 for 10 nights total. I have to use my IHG card, stay at 3 HIs, and do a points and cash booking. When you consider the point I would already earn for those 10 nights, plus this bonus, plus the 10% rebate for reward redemptions with the IHG card, I’m going to be earning nearly 10,000 points per night. That’s pretty fantastic.

  2. I got an error last night, but it worked today. Their best offer to me in a while. Only stays with them this year was one points night and one certificate night.

    My offer:
    Stay Once Get 3,000
    Stay More, Earn More
    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 5 night(s) and earn 10,000 bonus points.
    Comfort Seeker
    Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotel(s)—including Holiday Inn Resort® and Holiday Inn Club Vacations®—and earn 6,400 bonus points.
    Big City Bonus
    Stay in 1 of 6 major markets: New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Houston, and Las Vegas and earn 3,600 bonus points.
    Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card
    Book and pay for one stay with your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn 1500 bonus points.
    Your Achievement Bonus
    Complete 4 of the 5 offers and earn (an additional) 15,500 bonus points.
    September stay – 5,000

    Comfort Once – will do
    Stay more – maybe
    Comfort Seeker – out
    Big City – will do if some DC suburbs count
    Spend on IHG card – will do
    September stay – will do
    If places I stay around DC count as Big City then I may go for Stay More
    and get 4 of 5 for 38K

  3. My wife and I stay a ton at IHG and we both have 70k+ offers but they have big goals like stay 1 night in Europe or Asia, stay 30 nights, stay on a Friday or Saturday night (paid instead of points of course).
    I’m barely missing the current “summer share” offer. I hit all the goals except one was for 35 nights. I’m close but 35 nights over 100 or so nights is tough even as much as I’ve traveled this Summer.

    If I was gaming your offer. I’d book two Intercontinental nights as cheap as possible. Then I’d book a points bonus rate night at a really cheap hotel (some offer as much as 5k for a low additional amount). Then one more super cheap night. Make sure one is in September of course. That would give you the whole 56k. You might be able to pull this off for $400’ish.

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