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Norwegian $476 LAX/OAK London round trip. 12 other countries $180-$290 one-way.

Norwegian Airlines is my go to low cost carrier when I need a connecting flight one-way between California and Europe. Sometimes I buy a one-way ticket from OAK to Europe as a positioning flight for $400 round trip tickets starting in Europe with San Francisco as my destination. And sometimes I need a ticket from Europe back to California after I finish a series of low fare round trip tickets from Europe to the USA. April is the last time I needed a Norwegian Airlines positioning flight back to Oakland when returning from Vilnius, Lithuania.

Earlier this week I posted about $150 one way fares on WOW Air from Baltimore and Boston to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris. These fares increase with a minimum $96 for one carry-on bag and $20 for seat assignments each way on WOW Air. The advantage of Norwegian is one carry-on bag is free. The disadvantage of Norwegian are exorbitant seat assignment fees in the $50 range each way.

This week I have stumbled upon Norwegian low one-way fares to many cities across Europe. This post describes some of these Norwegian Air deals available from Los Angeles and Oakland, California airports. In general, Oakland has lower fares to some cities and LAX has lower fares to others.

Norwegian Air Low One Way Fares to Europe from Oakland

OAK – London Gatwick LGW $225 – $295 nonstop Sep 12 – March 23

OAK – Stockholm, Sweden ARN $180 – $240

OAK – Amsterdam, Netherlands AMS $259

OAK – Paris, France Orly ORY $271

OAK – Nice, France NCE $290

OAK – Berlin, Germany SXF $253

OAK – Copenhagen, Denmark CPH $253

OAK – Helsinki, Finland HEL $227

OAK – Oslo, Norway OSL $235

OAK – Athens, Greece ATH $261

OAK – Belgrade, Serbia BEG $274

OAK – Pisa, Italy PSA $274

OAK – Vilnius, Lithuania VNO $259

Norwegian Air Low One Way Fares to Europe from Los Angeles

LAX – Stockholm, Sweden ARN $180 – $240

LAX – Copenhagen CPH $226

LAX – Oslo, Norway OSL $245

LAX – Helsinki, Finland $227

LAX – Bergen, Norway $249

LAX – Berlin, Germany SXF $233

LAX – Amsterdam, Netherlands AMS $239

LAX – London LGW $245

LAX – Paris, France CDG nonstop $229

Norwegian Airlines also flies out of Las Vegas. Most low fares I found for LAS routes were only to Scandinavia. Often it is cheaper to book a one-way ticket to Stockholm and a separate one-way to another destination in Europe. Norwegian Air operates routes to something like 60 different cities in Europe from Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Norwegian Air  Oakland OAK – London Gatwick LGW nonstop

$244.90 one way Thursday Nov 3

OAK-LGW $245 DY Nov 3

LowFare+ for an extra $90 buys one checked bag, self-select seat assignment and meals.

Tip: Book two one-way tickets for overall lower price on a round trip itinerary.

Norwegian Air  London Gatwick LGW – Oakland OAK

$231.15 USD (179.00 GBP)  Saturday Nov 12

LGW-OAK $232 DY Nov12

London LGW to Oakland is $25 lower fee for LowFare+ add-on at 50 GBP ($64.60 USD).

Total ticket price is as low as $476.05 round trip for nonstop flights Oakland to London LGW, if you can manage one carry-on, seat roulette and bring your own food and drink. Add another $155 if you want the LowFare+ for a total ticket price around $630 round trip.


  • Drew August 12, 2016

    Since low priced one-way fares a easy to find when beginning a trip from North America, can you do a post on low fare strategies from Europe and Asia to SFO/OAK?

  • Ric Garrido August 13, 2016

    @Drew – I write up fare deals from Europe to USA about once a month.

    Honestly, I have never looked for Asia to USA deals, so I don’t know those trends.

    From Europe lately the fares from Austria to LAX/SFO have been in low $400s and this is frequently the case for Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen. Earlier this year I flew Amsterdam to Las Vegas for $422. Next month I am flying an open jaw ticket Salzburg – LAX – Vienna with my return to Vienna at Christmas for $491 round trip on American. These tickets were around $400 if I had a return date earlier than peak Christmas season.

    I used a similar deal last year to fly Stockholm to SFO after Thanksgiving, then back to Stockholm in mid-July for around $570 round trip.

    Low fare places change. Last year it was Dublin, Spain and Scandinavia with low fares to California and this year it was Amsterdam, Austria and Scandinavia where I found low fares.

    I’ll see what I find in the next week and try to post an article on Asia/Europe to Calfifornia.

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