Fare War AA/DL/UA $359 to $491 from 11 European countries to California round trip

Here is a list of airports in 11 European countries where one or more of the major alliance airlines American, Delta, United and their partners have fares under $500 round trip with several of these countries offering tickets under $400 round trip to Los Angeles LAX and many other airports in the western USA and across the country.

While these are standard ticket purchases for flyers living in Europe, my purpose in outlining these fares is for American residents who want to take advantage of these low fares to make multiple trips to Europe. The real deal here is two-fold. You can fly from a European city to the USA and return months later for the same low price. The other aspect of this major Europe to USA fare sale is the option of open-jaw tickets, meaning you can fly from one European country back to USA and a few months later return on your open-jaw ticket to a different country in Europe for the same or similarly low fare.

American Airlines Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain TFS – San Francisco SFO – Riga, Latvia RIX

$464 round trip open-jaw ticket  Tue Oct 4 – Tue Nov 18 (Change of airport LGW-LHR and also overnight in London)


Fares shown below are sampled using European City (e.g. Barcelona BCN) to Los Angeles LAX using various dates from September to March 2017 with stays in USA from one week to five months before return to Europe.

This means getting yourself to Europe in September on low fare carrier like Norwegian or WOW or use frequent flyer miles for one way ticket to Europe.

Fly back to LAX (or wherever you live in USA) and return to Europe Thanksgiving week. These fares are similar for most dates from September 2016 to early April 2017 and probably within $30 for dozens of routes from the European airport to cities across the USA.

Google Flights Fare Map for Rome FCO – Los Angeles LAX Sep 24 – Nov 19

reveals widespread low fares to many USA airports.

  • Rome – Los Angeles $388 round trip British Airways
  • Rome – Dallas DFW $382
  • Rome – Denver $390
  • Rome – Seattle $398
  • Rome – St. Louis $398
  • Rome – Minneapolis $407
  • Rome – Las Vegas $411
  • Rome – Salt Lake City $412
  • Rome – Phoenix $416
  • Rome – Portland PDX $416
  • Rome – San Francisco $417

Google Flights fare Map FCO-LAX Sep24-Nov19


Vienna VIE – Los Angeles

$417 American Sep 25 – Nov 19

$426 United Sep 22 – Nov 17

$438 KLM Sep 22 – Nov 17

Salzburg SZG – Los Angeles LAX

$440 United Sep 22 – Nov 17

$442 American Sep 22 – Nov 17


Brussels BRU – Los Angeles LAX

$426 Delta Sep 19 – Nov 16

$427 American Sep 19 – Nov 16


Tallinn TLL – Los Angeles LAX

$376 American Sep 20 – Dec 6


Helsinki HEL – Los Angeles LAX

$372 Star Alliance Orbitz Oct 3 – Dec 19

$374 American Oct 3 – Dec 19

$376 British Airways Oct 3 – Dec 19


Dublin DUB – Los Angeles LAX

$443 American Sep 22 – Nov 17

$437 United Sep 22 – Nov 17

Cork ORK – Los Angeles LAX

$460 KLM Sep 22 – Nov 17

$450 British Airways Sep 22 – Nov 17

$446 United Sep 22 – Nov 17


Rome FCO – Los Angeles LAX

$404 American March 1 – 12

$405 Swiss March 1 – March 12

Milan MIL – Los Angeles LAX

$397 American or British Airways Oct 4 – Nov 19

$398 Lufthansa Oct 4 – Nov 19


Riga RIX – Los Angeles LAX

$377 American Sep 20 – Dec 6 ($359 fares if change airport LGW-LHR)


Amsterdam AMS – Los Angeles LAX

$427 Lufthansa Sep 21 – Nov 19

$432 American Sep 21 – Nov 19 ($418 with London change of airport)

Northern Ireland, UK

Belfast BFS – Los Angeles LAX

$437 United Sep 13 – Nov 9


Oslo OSL – Los Angeles LAX

$491 Delta Sep 19 – Oct 24

$513 United Sep 19 – Oct 24

$521 American Sep 19 – Oct 24

$556 United Sep 12 – Feb 1 (visit Norway in summer and again in ski season. Tickets under $500 for fall travel Sep-Oct)

Bergen BGO – Los Angeles LAX

$588 KLM Sep 12 – Feb 1 (This is relatively higher fare, but shows potential to separate return by 5 months for return trip to Europe.)

$495 Delta Sep 12 – Oct 20

$521 American Sep 12 – Oct 20


Spain has wide open opportunities with numerous airports on sale in upper $300s/low $400s with Oneworld Alliance airlines American, British Airways and Iberia. I showed the potential for open-jaw travel from Spain with Tenerife, Canary Islands and Riga, Latvia – two destinations separated by 2,800 miles. Of course, planning open-jaw travel to Spain alone should logistically be far simpler travel planning.

Here are some sample routes for Spain. Other airports in Spain likely have similarly low fares.

Barcelona BCN – Los Angeles LAX

$412 British Airways Sep 19 – Nov 19

Madrid MAD – Los Angeles LAX

$412 American Feb 4 – Mar 31

Palma, Mallorca PMI – Los Angeles LAX  Madrid, Spain MAD open-jaw ticket.

$403  American Sep 25 – Nov 19

PMI-LAX-MAD $403 open jaw Sep-Nov AA


Fly from Mallorca to Los Angeles in September and back to Madrid in November for a second European vacation for $403 round trip. Book a third trip with another ticket back to LAX in November, then back to Europe in 2017 on the return flight to Spain or somewhere else on an open-jaw itinerary.

How long can you keep this up?

Personally I have done this seven times in past year buying and flying Europe-California round trip low fare tickets.

Fares in low-$500s for travel to USA:

  • Denmark

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

No Low Fare Deals to USA, Mostly $600s to $800s:

  • Bulgaria

  • France

  • Germany

  • Greece

  • Hungary

  • Malta

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Romania

  • Serbia

  • UK, except Belfast

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  1. Nice roundup! Just a note to add, Greece to the US, especially East Coast, can be had for around/under $460 from periods of September to May/early June. We have paid as little as $360 round trip!

  2. Thanks for the alert yesterday about the low fare from Rome! I had a business award flight booked with $144 in taxes/fees. I decided to switch to this fare and pay $412 instead and save the 50k miles and take my chances at upgrading with a SWU. Not to mention I get a trip back to Europe too.

    Unfortunately I also learned the hard way that AA gift cards are only valid ex-US.

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