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AA $432 LAX-ORD-BOS-DCA-MIA-DEN-LAX visit 5 USA cities for less than cheap ticket to Europe

There are very low one-way fares starting around $40 with American and United to airports around the country. Looking at low fares today got me to thinking about how it is possible to travel the USA cross country and stay in five major cities for around $400 all-in using American Airlines or United one-way tickets.

In this post I show how you can book six American Airlines one-way tickets today for around $400 all-in and travel the USA on a 17-day trip around the USA starting in Los Angeles and visiting Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Miami, Denver and return to Los Angeles.

See the USA for less than the cost of a cheap round trip ticket to Europe

Last week I was at the U.S. Travel Association annual IPW conference in New Orleans. The purpose of this conference is to bring international travelers to the United States. Something like 35 million travelers came to the USA last year from overseas, meaning they traveled to the USA from places other than Mexico or Canada. Add those two countries and the USA had around 75 million international visitors. I met writers from Malaysia, Australia, India and various places in Europe. Most of them had extended their stay in the USA to visit other cities besides New Orleans.

Low airfare across the USA available today provides some true budget options for seeing three, four and even five major U.S. cities at a ticket price of $300 to $450 all-in for the traveler, domestic or international, who wants to see several areas of the USA and spend a couple weeks touring this beautiful country.

American Airlines  $432.10 Six One-Way Tickets

Los Angeles – Chicago – Boston – Washington D.C. – Miami – Denver – Los Angeles 

Ticket #1: $40.10 one-way Los Angeles LAX – Chicago ORD, Saturday October 29

LAX-ORD $40.10 AA Oct29

Ticket #2: $40.10 one-way Chicago ORD – Boston BOS, Tuesday November 1

ORD-BOS $40 AA Nov 1

Ticket #3: $82.10 one-way Boston BOS – Washington DCA, Friday November 4

BOS-DCA $82 AA Nov 4

Ticket #4: $105.10 one-way Washington DCA – Miami MIA, Tue November 8

DCA-MIA $105 AA Nov 8

Ticket #5: $76.60 one-way Miami MIA – Denver DEN, Thu November 10

MIA-DEN $76 AA Nov 10

Ticket #6: $88.10 one-way Denver DEN – Los Angeles LAX, Mon November 14

DEN-LAX $89 AA Nov 14

$432.10 all in for Six USA Cities Itinerary with American Airlines: 

Los Angeles – Chicago – Boston – Washington DC – Miami – Denver – Los Angeles 

  1. Sat Oct 29 LAX – ORD $40.10
  2. Tue Nov 1 ORD – BOS $40.10
  3. Fri Nov 4 Boston BOS – Washington DCA $82.10
  4. Tue Nov 8 Washington DCA – Miami $105.10
  5. Thu Nov 10 Miami MIA – Denver DEN $76.60
  6. Mon Nov 14 Denver DEN – Los Angeles LAX $88.10

I quickly slapped this itinerary together in less than 15 minutes. My objective is to simply show the potential for really bouncing around the USA on cheap tickets this fall, whether you want to visit one city or five cities. There are all kinds of possibilities for different cities following the same kind of one-way ticket booking, including substituting New York, Nashville, New Orleans, Charleston, Austin and many other places around the USA for about the same price.

These low one-way fares available today from American Airlines and United Airlines offer many possibilities to really travel the USA for less than the price of one cheap ticket $450 round trip ticket to Europe.

But if your travel heart is set on Europe, those deals are still widely available too.

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  • Jade June 29, 2016

    Thanks Ric! I had never given this idea any thought before.

  • Gene June 29, 2016

    Cool post. Thanks, Rick!

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    Really nice post. I appreciate stuff like this – we never see it on any other blogs!

  • JW June 29, 2016

    Great post and very helpful! Please keep it coming. Thank you!!!

  • DavidB June 29, 2016

    Don’t you just love the fact that the shorter the flight segment, the higher the cost? The longer the segment, the lower the cost. Ain’t air fares crazy?!

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