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Fare Alert Air Berlin $455-$484 LAX/SFO–Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich

There are low fares from $455 to $484 round trip available right now from major online travel agency sites like Expedia, Priceline and Orbitz for Air Berlin flights from Los Angeles LAX and San Francisco SFO to Germany airports in Dusseldorf DUS, Berlin TXL, Hamburg HAM, Munich MUC.

This is an odd fare since I can’t find it on Air Berlin’s website and it does not show up on most Google Flight searches until you select dates with fares priced as high as $963 round trip and search an OTA site where the fare comes back in the $400s.

Here are some fares I found between 3:00-3:30pm Pacific time.


Departure Dates: early September to early December on weekdays is where I found fares. I can’t offer much guidance since I had to hunt and peck to find fares without Google Flights or Air Berlin website help. Still found these low fares on many dates from early September to early November on Priceline, Orbitz and Expedia.

Los Angeles – Dusseldorf Air Berlin fares on Google Flights shows $456 for Nov 14, 21, 28, Dec 5.

These are the only low fares in the $400s I see on Google Flights.

LAX-DUS GoogleFlights $451 Air Berlin

And this fare prices out at $455 round trip, but only OTA sites.

Expedia ticket for Air Berlin Los Angeles LAX – Dusseldorf DUS nonstop

$455.06 Mon Nov 14 – Mon Nov 21

LAX-DUS $455 Expedia Nov14-21

Air Berlin’s website fare is $705 for these same flights.

LAX-DUS $705 AirBerlin site Nov14-21

Now watch what happens when I check other dates on Google Flights with much higher Airberlin fares.

Air Berlin Los Angeles LAX – Dusseldorf DUS

$963  Mon Sep 5 – Mon Sep 12

SFO-DUS $963 AB Sep5-12

Fare drops to $456 when the $963 fare selected.

SFO-DUS $456 Expedia AB

Fare prices out at $455.06 on Expedia for LAX – DUS ticket for Air Berlin nonstop flights.

SFO-DUS Expedia $455.06

San Francisco SFO – Hamburg HAM

$470.68  Sep 12 – Sep 19

SFO-HAM $470 Orbitz Sep 5-12

Orbitz ticket for Air Berlin San Francisco SFO – Berlin TXL

$476.66  Sep 12 – Sep 19

SFO-TXL $477 AB Orbtiz Sep 12-19

Orbitz ticket for Air Berlin San Francisco SFO – Munich

$483.66  Sep 15 – Sep 22 (Oktoberfest opening week).

SFO-MUC $487 AB Orbitz Sep 15-22

This is basically a pick and hunt fare. I found these fares for dates from September to December.

Some other fares I found:

LAX-Berlin TXL $476.54 Orbitz Nov 7-14

LAX – Munich MUC $483.54 Orbitz Dec 5-12

LAX – Hamburg HAM $470.68 Orbitz Sep 6-13

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  • Andy June 27, 2016

    Canadian airports to most of Europe on AC and Skyteam for 460 to 550 cad is even cheaper!

  • Elizabeth June 27, 2016

    Thanks for posting this Ric! I would personally never fly coach to Europe (at least not until after the miles and points thing runs its course), but some family members were able to take advantage of this deal because of your post. $1 fare plus taxes!

  • John June 27, 2016

    Remember: every single deal SF posts is a rehash of some other website’s posted deal. This time:

  • Ric Garrido June 28, 2016

    @Andy – Canadian airports with cheaper airfare to Europe is pretty much a guarantee. Good point to remember when fares are high from USA.

    @John – Thanks for the link to I thought this fare might be available from other places, but I was watching the England=Iceland football game and too lazy to research other airports.

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