Do you feel Lucky, punk? Then buy a ticket to London today!

One of the reasons I started writing frequently about low airfares in early 2015 is I realized that I truly had not kept track of low fare opportunities to fly around the globe for several years. From 1998 to 2007, I could probably tell you within about $100 what a good deal airfare would be to most any country in the world. From 2007 to 2012 airfares were so high that I stopped flying much and spent my time taking road trips in the USA.

So I got a chuckle when I saw this post today on One Mile at a Time –  Will The Cost Of Airfare To The UK Decrease?

$750 sounds like a great price for roundtrip travel from the west coast to the UK. If you’re comfortable with that price, I’d go for it. There’s always a chance the airfare goes down a bit, but I don’t see it going much lower than that. Similarly, there’s also a chance airfare goes up, which you presumably want to shield against.

Lucky – One Mile at a Time (June 27, 2016).

I find this amusing since this past month has shown Americans some of the lowest fares to London in years from legacy airlines. And today specifically is one of the most expansive airfare sales of 2016 with fares to London under $700 from many airports across the USA with all three legacy airlines American, Delta and United.

And the first comment to Lucky’s post is this:

Just my 2 cents, but I’d be very happy with a $750 airfare to London, I’d lock it in

Here is my 10 cents tip for travelers in 10 cities west of the Mississippi:

10 USA cities with airfare to London $628 – $727 round trip August to March 2017

$628.26 San Francisco SFO – London City LCY  (overnight transit at Isle of Man) American Airlines ticket (Oct 5-12)

$666.66 Santa Ana/Orange County SNA – London LHR American

$691.06 Las Vegas LAS – London LHR British Airways (nonstop)

$695.16 Portland PDX – London LHR United

$698.16 Omaha, Nebraska OMA – London LHR American

$701.16 Boise, Idaho BOI – London LHR United

$704.16 Colorado Springs, Colorado COS – London LHR United

$705.66 Arcata/Eureka ACV – London LHR United

$705.66 Tucson, Arizona TUS – London LHR American

$725.66 Missoula, Montana MSO-LHR KLM

American Airlines

San Francisco – Philadelphia PHL – Dublin DUB – London City LCY – Isle of Man (overnight) – Dublin DUB – San Francisco SFO

$628.26  Wed Oct 5 – Wed Oct 12

SFO-LCY London $629 AA

Even lower fares from cities east of Mississippi River

$546.26 Chicago ORD – London LGW United ticket for Air Canada operated flights

$605.26 Newark EWR – London LHR United

$681.26 Atlanta ATL – London LGW American

$685.26 Washington IAD – London LHR United nonstop

You gotta ask yourself. Do I feel lucky, punk? Then, buy a ticket to London today!

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  1. Ric you are crushing these low Europe fares. just wanted to give you one well deserved thank you. i check these everyday. i’m in the market for something from PHL or EWR in May 2017, and only a few fares have reached into may so far, but i will keep checking.

  2. There have been quite a few fares lately running through end of schedule which is about mid-May now. You will probably see some low fares for PHL/EWR in next couple of weeks for all of May.

  3. Lucky is 100% right. See a $750 airfare for your preferred dates, grab it. It’s possible that we could see $600 or even $484 to Istanbul. But there’s more risk of increase than chance that your travel will coincide with a sale.

    There have been fantastic sales lately. If you’re traveling in shoulder season or off-season and especially midweek there’s no reason to ‘jump on’ a $1000 airfare for travel that’s months away.

    But for the median person who isn’t watching airfares as closely as you are? You grab the $750 and call that a big victory.

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