AA, DL, UA $500s-600s major USA nationwide to Europe fare sale Aug-Mar 2017

A nationwide fare sale to Europe from across the USA like today’s sale is one that has happened fewer than 10 days in the past year. This is the most extensive fare sale to Europe this month from across the USA.

Looking closely at California is one of the easiest ways to display the scope of this sale. I see fares Monday morning 5:00am PT from San Francisco SFO, Los Angeles LAX and even my home airport of Monterey MRY with fares across Europe in the $500s and $600s for travel from late August into March 2017 with all three major airlines American, Delta and United.

I see similar fares from New Orleans, Chicago, Dallas and Portland, OR PDX. There are low fares from dozens, probably hundreds of airports across the USA. This fare sale to Europe is extensive.

Examples showing this is truly a nationwide sale. I see low fares in $500s/$600s from:

  • El Paso, Texas
  • Burlington, Vermont
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Monroe, Louisiana

to dozens of cities in Europe.

This is truly a nationwide fare sale to Europe across all three alliances.

Deals to Europe from California, Western States and Regional Airports nationwide

The deal here looks like widespread discounts from western states airports where we have not seen too much low fare action in recent weeks compared to major hubs like Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Washington and New York areas.

Some airports like Chicago ORD actually see prices rise from the past few days when they were in the $400s and $500s to Europe, but places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland PDX and regional airports like Monterey MRY, California see prices drop by hundreds of dollars for the first time in weeks.

The fare maps below show my regional airport of Monterey where fares to Europe rarely drop below $1,000 round trip. Your town probably has fares this low or lower.

Here are some Google Flights fare maps to illustrate the low fares to Europe available today

Monterey MRY – Europe Oct 3-10 filtered for Star Alliance

Google Flights MRY-Europe Oct3-10 UA

Quick Tip: If you are not familiar with Google Flights, simply click on a link to one of the Europe airports above, then change MRY Monterey to your desired airport to check fare. Then play with dates. Minimum 6 or 7 day stay for most fares and these fares are primarily weekday departures. Fares above are filtered for Star Alliance.

United Airlines Monterey MRY – Los Angeles LAX – Newark EWR – Madrid MAD

$608.76  Monday Oct 3 – Monday Oct 10

MRY-MAD UA $609 Oct3-10

Monterey MRY – Europe March 7-14 filtered for Oneworld Alliance

Different alliance for March 2017 dates shows extent of this sale across seasons and alliances.

Google Flights MRY-Europe Mar7-14 AA

American Airlines Monterey MRY – Phoenix PHX – Philadelphia PHL – Dublin DUB

$572.36  Tue March 7 – Tue March 14, 2017

MRY-DUB AA $573 Mar7-14

This is the kind of sale that is only available a few days per year from a regional airport like Monterey, California.

San Francisco – Europe March 7-14 filtered forSkyTeam Alliance

Delta/SkyTeam is not a big airline for California travel, but there are even deals with Delta to major cities in Europe. Here are some fares from San Francisco.

SFO-Europe DL Google Flights Mar7-14

Delta Airlines  San Francisco SFO – Paris CDG (nonstop)

$639.46  Tue Mar 7 – Tue Mar 14

SFO-CDG $640 DL Mar7-14

There are all kinds of deals rarely seen from many airports across the USA to all kinds of airports across Europe with all three major airlines.. This is a good day to find a low fare to Europe without the need to travel to a major hub airport in the USA.

There are probably lots of deals to be found today from cities across the USA. I’ll explore this massive fare sale and post more finds I locate.

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