[Expired] Raging fare war to Europe AA, DL, UA hubs fares $450-$510

There is a major fare war happening at 9:00pm CT from about a dozen airport hubs from Newark to Miami to Salt Lake City to Cleveland to Atlanta with all kinds of deals. The new aspect is American Airlines strikes back hard on Delta U.S. hubs to Paris, Nice, Amsterdam, Venice and Rome in the $400s/low $500s from Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City.

Update: 10:30pm CT – Looks like United dropped out of the fare war, so no longer raging. Mostly Delta and American now.

Update: 7:30 CT June 22 – Delta fares to Spain and London from DFW, MIA, PHL, STL appear to have all expired.

The list of hubs without low fares is shorter and includes San Francisco, Phoenix, and Charlotte.

Lowest fares are Sep 19 through October, but I see low $500s from Atlanta well into 2017 with American Airlines.

American low fares from Delta hubs:

  • Atlanta
  • Cincinnati
  • Detroit
  • Minneapolis
  • Salt Lake City

to Europe:

  • Amsterdam,
  • Nice,
  • Paris,
  • Rome,
  • Venice

$481 American Atlanta ATL – Paris CDG

$497 American Cincinnati CVG – Nice NCE

$457 American Detroit DTW – Amsterdam AMS

$476 American Minneapolis MSP – Rome FCO

$466 American Salt Lake City SLC – Venice VCE

$517 American Atlanta ATL – Nice NCE

American low fares to Europe from United hubs:

  • Cleveland
  • Houston
  • Newark


  • Brussels
  • Frankfurt
  • Zurich

$492 American Cleveland – Frankfurt

$482 American Cleveland – Zurich

$508 American Cleveland – Brussels

$492 American Houston – Frankfurt

$495 American Newark – Frankfurt

American Airlines Houston IAH – Charlotte CLT – Frankfurt FRA

$491.66  Tue Oct 11 – Tue Oct 18


United Attacks American in St. Louis

United had low fares from St. Louis to Manchester, Lisbon, Geneva, Barcelona and Madrid but these fares look like they have all expired. Looks like United dropped its attack fares from AA hubs, so that takes away quite a bit of the low fare deals. Apparently I was late to the fare war party after hanging out in New Orleans.

Delta maintains its low fares in $400s to many airports in Spain from Miami, Dallas, Philadelphia and St. Louis.

Loyalty Traveler – Fare War Delta/United Dallas to London/Manchester $546; Delta $400s DFW/MIA/PHL/STL many Spain cities (June 21).

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  1. Dude – you were too late! These fares ended Tuesday night and Wed morning.

    Many fares posted on Loyalty Traveler are so low that they only last 4 to 12 hours.

    The United fares were gone within 90 minutes of this post. They were around for less than 4 hours.

    I am a one guy show. I don’t necessarily go back and mark the posts [Fare Gone] since I am looking for the next deal and not looking back at the old deals I already researched.

    The reason I include a fare screen shot from the airline site like the American Airlines Houston to Frankfurt is to show I checked the fare is legit and was available on the airline’s website at time I published. That is also the reason why I include a time for when these fares were valid.

    This post starts with time stamp 9:00pm Central. The AA fares expired around 9 am June 22. They were available for about 16 hours.

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