DL, UA, AA Chicago to Europe $467–$654 Sep-Oct many, many cities

Chicago stands out today with fares in the $500s and low $600s to dozens of cities across Europe, except Spain and Portugal. Similar fares are found from Washington and New York area airports, but Chicago seems to have more deals to airports across France, Italy, Germany, UK, Benelux and much of eastern Europe with different alliance partners tending to offer lowest fares to their member home bases. This means SkyTeam for France and Italy, Star Alliance to Germany and Greece, Oneworld to UK.

Sample Fares from Chicago to Europe SkyTeam

Most low fares are within Sep 19 – Oct 20 period

Italy SkyTeam

$644 – $669 KLM  ORD – FCO Rome Sep 19 – Oct 20  (about 20 dates).

$647 – $671  KLM ORD – MLA Malta Sep 19 – Oct 20 (about 25 dates).

$630 – $662

  • Bologna
  • Milan
  • Venice
  • Turin
  • Genoa
  • Bari
  • Naples

    France SkyTeam

    • $659 Paris
    • $646 Nantes
    • $641 Bordeaux
    • $647 Lyon
    • $637 Nice
    • $642 Toulouse
    • $657 Marseille
    • $663 Rennes

    Benelux SkyTeam

    • Luxembourg City $624
    • Amsterdam $502
    • Brussels $584

    Switzerland/Germany SkyTeam

    • Geneva $654
    • Zurich $654
    • Hamburg $670

    Google Flights Star Alliance Chicago – Europe Oct 3-11

    Google Flights ORD-Europe Oct 3-11 Star

    There are so many cities that I will not estimates of low fare include departure date. Fares shown are sampled from Oct 6-14 and probably within $20 of lowest fares available. Fares are not included to Scandinavia regularly on sale and some eastern European airports have low fares not shown.

    United Kingdom Star Alliance

    • $577 London LHR (UA nonstop).

    Switzerland/Germany Star Alliance

    Benelux Star Alliance

    Amsterdam $467 (UA nonstop).

    Brussels $524 (UA nonstop).

    France Star Alliance

    Paris $502 (UA nonstop).

    Greece / Eastern Europe Star Alliance

    Athens $645 Air Canada

    Sofia Bulgaria $597 LOT

    Oneworld Fares (not many so not separated by country)

    Paris CDG $668 AA nonstop

    Amsterdam AMS $506

    Vilnius, Lithuania $646 AA

    Riga, Latvia $637 BA

    Tallinn, Estonia $639 AA or FinnAir

    Gdansk, Poland $644 AA or FinnAir

    Other cities in Poland and Scandinavia $628 – $654

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