Airfare Deals British Airways Business Class

Summer fare British Airways Business Class under $1400 round trip to France, Amsterdam

British Airways has several airports in France and Amsterdam on sale for summer travel midweek July 6 to August 18 with regular ticket prices from $1,730 to $1,796 from New York JFK to Nice, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseilles, all airports in France with BA service, except Paris. Amsterdam is also on sale for $1,798.

The deal is AARP offers a $400 discount on British Airways Business Class round trip fares from USA to Europe. You can join AARP for $16. No age requirement.

Google Flights British Airways JFK – France Wed July 13 – Wed July 20

JFK – BOD Bordeaux, France $1,730

JFK – NCE Nice, France $1,765

JFK – TLS Toulouse, France $1,775

JFK – MRS Marseilles, France $1,778

JFK – LYS Lyon, France $1,780

JFK – AMS Amsterdam $1,796

Search these flight dates through the AARP discount link to drop another $400 off these ticket prices.

JFK-France BA BIZ Google Flights

This is a nice retaliation for all the low United/Star Alliance fares to London from AA hubs yesterday and today.

British Airways AARP $400 discount ticket

New York JFK – Nice, France NCE

$1,378.72  Thu July 7 – Thu July 14

JFK-NCE $13759BA-AARP Jul7-14

Lucky at One Mile at a Time has a detailed post from last night on a further discount with BA Visa card and bonus miles available with current promotions.

Loyalty Traveler curated Airfare Deals and Google Flights and Kayak Explore tutorials.

Good luck hunting for bargain summer fares. As for me, I am heading back on the road. I have another 300+ miles to go to the white sands of Panama Beach, Florida today. Tomorrow I am New Orleans bound.


  • AF June 15, 2016

    These flights show up at the $1750 range, but clicking through to AA or BA brings the price up to mid 6k. What did I miss? Should I try on an OTA instead?

  • Ric Garrido June 15, 2016

    The low British Airways fares are gone now. I have been on the road driving 500 miles across Florida since writing this post.

    The AARP fare I show in this post was a screenshot from a search at about 10:30-11:00am Eastern time as I was writing the post. I don’t know when the fares went up, but these deals were around for at least 12 hours. Most of these business class discount fares only last 12 to 24 hours.

    Looking at your comment time stamp, these fares must have expired soon after I published this post.

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