AA New York to Paris still $491 and low AA/DL London/Paris Xmas fares

Ticket prices to Paris, London and Germany went up from the $400s to $500s and $600s or higher today with American, Delta and United from Washington, New York and Chicago, as I expected when the 96-hour Icelandair sale ended at midnight Sunday. What is unexpected is American still has low fares to Paris in the $400s for fall travel. There are still competitive fares between American, Delta and United on many of the same routes from Chicago, New York and Washington airports to Manchester, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels and Zurich.

New York to Europe Fares


  • American $491 Sep 11 – Oct  28 (nonstop British Airways flights)
  • United $544 LOT Polish via Warsaw
  • Delta $591-$597 nonstop


  • $589 Virgin Atlantic (available Christmas travel dates only, Dec 16-23 departures, nonstop flights)
  • $621 Delta EWR-LHR (most dates $700s and $800s)
  • $795 United


  • $566 – $572 Delta Sep-April
  • $576 – $585 American Sep-April most dates
  • $572-$601 United Sep-Dec


  • United $582 Oct 31 – Dec 13; $643 Sep-Oct
  • American $592 Sep – April 2017
  • Delta $633 – $647 Sep – April 2017


  • LOT Polish $643 Sep-March
  • Delta $712-$747 Sep – April
  • American $802


  • American $652 Sep-Dec
  • United $652 Sep-Dec
  • Delta $712


  • Delta $532 Sep – April (most dates)
  • United $532-$557 Sep – Dec
  • American $547 limited dates Sep-Nov


  • American $543 Sep-Oct
  • Delta $543 Sep – Oct
  • United $543-$568 (Sep-Oct)


  • Delta $654 Sep-Dec; $629-$654 Jan-April
  • United $642 Sep-Dec; $654 Jan-Mar
  • American $800s

Chicago to Paris Fares


American Airlines Chicago ORD – New York JFK – Paris ORY

$505.16  Tue Dec 20 – Thu Dec 29

ORD-ORY Paris $505 Dec 20-29

Washington to Paris Fares

  • American $456 Sep-Oct; Christmas dates
  • United $647 Oct-Dec limited dates
  • Delta $647-$661 Sep-April

This is a brief look at fares to see what changed from the weekend sale when many of these same airports were priced in the $400s on all three alliances. Yesterday there were loads of mileage run opportunities in the $400s with Delta and United for three day trips to Europe from WAS/NYC/ORD. Those fares are gone today.

There are some new fares today, especially with American to eastern Europe and Scandinavia and LOT Polish fares from New York and Chicago are some of the best deals available from Star Alliance. Those fares coming up on Loyalty Traveler next.

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  1. Who want to go if you cant get out of the country with all those strikes going on!

  2. @Danny – not many deals from west coast, except Star Alliance SFO to Athens for $695. Scandinavia in high $600s from SFO. It is back to WOW and Norwegian for low fares today, but something will likely pop up.

    Seems like Tuesday has been the introduction of low fares for the past several weeks.

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