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United strikes back DFW, PHX, CLT, PHL to Barcelona $388, Madrid $393, Helsinki $421, Manchester $430

a screenshot of a flight schedule

[These fares appear to already be gone. That was quick! AA fares gone too today.]

United strikes back at American Airlines after AA posted low fares from United hubs to Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and Switzerland last night. In the last few hours United and Star Alliance carriers posted low fares in the high $300s and low $400s from American Airlines hubs: Charlotte CLT, Dallas DFW,  Philadelphia PHL, Phoenix PHX to Madrid and Barcelona (Iberia territory), Manchester UK (British Airways) and Helsinki, Finland (Finnair).

Departures are between September and April 2017, depending on route. Dates are different depending on route, but most routes have dozens of low fare dates.

Here are fares I have found. I’ll post this with the data I have and add more as I research the different routes. Since this is a fare war attack between American and United, these fares could go away at any moment.

Philadelphia PHL

$388 Philadelphia PHL – Barcelona BCN Air Canada Sep 8-17 (only Sep dates)

$393 Philadelphia PHL – Madrid MAD United (Sep-Oct dates)

$420 PHL – Helsinki HEL Air Canada Oct 10-21 (Oct-Nov dates)

$430 PHL – Manchester MAN United (Sep-Oct dates)

Dallas DFW

$395 Dallas DFW – Barcelona BCN Air Canada Oct 2-11 $396 United (only Oct-Nov dates)

$401 DFW – Madrid MAD United Nov 3-10 (Nov-March dates)

$431 DFW – Helsinki HEL Air Canada (Sep-Dec dates)

$501 DFW – Manchester MAN United Nov 3-10 (Oct-Nov dates)

Phoenix PHX

$396 Phoenix PHX – Barcelona BCN United April 3-10 (Jan-April dates)

$400 PHX – Madrid MAD United Nov 3-10 (Sep-Dec; March-April dates)

$428 PHX – Helsinki HEL United (Sep-Feb dates with very few dates in Sep-Oct)

$510 PHX – Manchester MAN United Nov 9-16 (Sep-Mar dates)

Charlotte CLT

$395 Charlotte CLT – Barcelona BCN Air Canada/United  Oct 30-Nov 7 (Oct-Dec, March dates)

$399 CLT – Madrid MAD Air Canada/United Sep 8-16 (Sep and Jan dates only)

$418 CLT – Helsinki HEL Lufthansa Dec 8-15  (Oct-Feb dates with very few dates in Sep-Oct)

$500 CLT – Manchester MAN United April 9-17 (only Sep-April dates)

These fares were searched at 2pm Pacific time, Sat June 10.

I’ll update with more information as I find it. Please leave a comment if you find more routes or if any of the links in this post do not go to the route stated.

United Airlines  Dallas DFW – Washington IAD – Madrid MAD

$400.76 round trip Sat Sep 10 – Sat Sep 17

DFW-MAD $401 UA Sep10-17

Loyalty Traveler – American $400s IAD, EWR, SFO, CLE, IAH Europe fare war MUC, FRA, ZRH, VIE, BRU (June 9).

Loyalty Traveler – Fare War American Airlines SFO to Switzerland, Germany, Belgium $413 to $472 (June 9).


  • Ric Garrido June 10, 2016

    These fares were found at 2pm Sat June 10. Please leave a comment when you find the fare on any route is no longer available.

  • Sam June 10, 2016

    Have you found any business class fare sales this week? Looks like most you have posted are economy class

  • C Mac June 10, 2016

    Found it! Unfortunately, unable to book it… When time to close the deal, fare jumps to 1000 USD. Any suggestions?

  • Ric Garrido June 10, 2016

    These fares are gone now when I click through the links from 2pm. All the low AA fares from United hubs are gone too.

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