Fare Alert $414 American Airlines SFO to Zurich round trip Sep-April 2017

There are more low economy fares to Europe today. One fare alert deal I see is San Francisco to Zurich on American Airlines at $414 round trip with wide open departures from September through April 2017. This fare can also be booked as a quick 2-day or 3-day turnaround with Sunday return. Late December/early January dates are excluded from low fare deal.

Also see this deal from Denver DEN at $442 round trip. Update: this fare is available from most United hubs to Zurich and Frankfurt.

American Airlines  San Francisco SFO – New York JFK – Zurich, Switzerland ZRH

$414.06  Wed Nov 9 – Thu Nov 17

SFO-ZRH $414 AA Nov9-17

SFO-JFK-ZRH-JFK-SFO = 13,034 flight miles.

Availability for this fare is wide open.

Google Flights SFO-ZRH September-October fare calendar

SFO-ZRH $414 Google Flights Sep-Oct

American Airlines Denver DEN – London LHR – Zurich, Switzerland ZRH – JFK-MIA-SFO

$442.16  Wed Nov 9 – Mon Nov 14

DEN-ZRH $442 AA Nov9-14

DEN-LHR-ZRH-JFK-MIA-SFO = 11,891 flight miles.

Good thing for me American announced yesterday they are going revenue-based on August 1. I might have gone on a crazy buying spree if I had seen this fare two days ago.

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting. Just to make sure.. this seems like a pretty good run if crediting to AS. Earns 100%, right? Might plan 2 for early 2017 if so.

  2. FARE ALERT BUSINESS CLASS: British Airways/American have Atlanta-London at $1,735 right now for travel Sep-Nov lots of dates and far fewer dates Dec-March. Use AARP $400 discount link to get this rate.

    Also available from Salt Lake City for about $100 more.

    I am not around my own computer today, so no post on this coming until later today, if it is still around.

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