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British Airways Business Class $1,692 CLT/PHL to Spain Nov-Mar, PHL/AMS $1,787 even Xmas-New Year

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The Deal: American Airlines/British Airways have Business Class tickets around $2,100 round trip from Charlotte CLT and Philadelphia to many airports in Spain. As an AARP member ($16 to join, no age restriction), there is an AARP British Airways partner airline $400 discount on business class round trip fares from the USA to Europe. The $2,100 CLT/PHL-Spain ticket drops in fare by $400 when booked through British Airways AARP booking link.

Soon after the Business Class $1,200 deal USA to Europe from British Airways ended for Italy on Wednesday, I posted this $1,692 round trip business class fare from Charlotte and Philadelphia to Spain and PHL to Amsterdam for $1,787. There was little interest in that post in the wake of BA business class fares earlier in the day at $1,200 round trip from a few airports around the USA including Washington, Houston, Denver and San Francisco.

The best business class deals since June 1 are Delta/Skyteam to Germany for $1,450 to $1,650 from all over the USA and low fares to many other countries from IAD/IAH/DEN/SFO, the only other alliance attack has been United Airlines/Star Alliance dropping fares to around $2,000 to $2,200 round trip to France. In response to the France fares, Delta/Skyteam lowered Business Class fares yesterday to many airports across Europe at $1,450 to $1,600 for Newark EWR departures August to March 2017. EWR is United’s main New York hub.

Perhaps $1,693 British Airways business class tickets to Spain and Amsterdam from Charlotte and Philadelphia will generate more interest today with this post. Airports all over Spain, including island airports in the Balearic and Canary Islands are on sale at similar fares AARP discount rates..

Low Fare Departure Dates: British Airways $2,100 fares are available from November into April 2017. Christmas/New Year’s also low fares.

AARP discount validity: The AARP discount is only valid through March 31, 2017. My fare searches show that the round trip $400 discount applies as long as the outbound flight is by March 31. You can return in April, the latest the fare calendar allows for advance bookings today.

AARP BA discount rate

British Airways Charlotte CLT – Madrid MAD

$1,692.29 December 1-8

CLT-MAD $1692 BA Dec 1-8

British Airways Philadelphia PHL – Amsterdam AMS $1,787 New Year’s

$1,786.59  December 22 – January 1

Warning: Amsterdam has the wildest fireworks display on New Year’s Eve I have seen anywhere.

PHL-AMS $1787 BA Dec 22-Jan1

Tip: Avoid AA 757 aircraft. I thought that flight was a waste of my AAdvantage Executive Platinum SWU for a flight in February. The Points Guy has this review on Business Class seats on American A330 aircraft. I saw that aircraft option in some low fare itineraries.

Look for “Discounted†in flight searches

Tip: Look at the two screen shots below.

The first image shows the fare when I used the AARP link to find a low discount fare and then selected choose different flights and went back to the booking page.

The flight options show ‘lowest’ fare in colored box on potential flights for my PHL-AMS. This is not the AARP $400 discount rate.

BA AARP discount lowest fare

““Lowest†fare is not discounted by $400. You will see the word ‘Discounted’ on the flight options when it is the AARP $400 discount fare.

I found each time I did a search, I was better off closing the fare search window and starting a new fare search fresh through the original AARP booking link.

The $400 discount is applied on British Airways booking site when flights are listed ‘Discounted’ in flight options shown.

BA AARP discounted fare

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  • Buck June 5, 2016

    Look, I know you’re not as experienced as the other hacks in the community, but here’s a little 101:

    CLT-PHL (or EWR-IAD from your Dublin post) does not mean that. The dash demarks a transition, not alternate departure.

    You need to write CLT/PHL-MAD (or whatever). The other post would have been EWR/IAD-DUB.

    This should help you look less like an amateur.

  • Ric Garrido June 5, 2016

    Thanks on your judgement of my experience.

    As far as experience, I am probably far more experienced at finding low fares than most other hacks. I have been doing it for a long time. I posted many low fare deal mileage run opportunities on FlyerTalk as far back as 2000. I previously worked for a firm (2006-07) that specialized in finding low premium international fares.

    What I am not experienced at is SEO. I see when I write CLT/PHL in a title that it comes out cltphl.

    I thought CLT-PHL might work better for SEO?

    You do have a good point about correct nomenclature and I have edited the titles.

  • ED June 5, 2016

    Ric, thanks for the posts. I, for one, enjoy them – regardless of the nomenclature.

    Booked some cheap Berlin-ORD fares last week b/c of you.

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