Nationwide sale $450 to $700 USA to Europe economy airfare Aug-Mar 2017

This week’s fare war is probably one of the best weeks of the year to buy airline tickets to Europe. Deep discount business class tickets from specific airports, especially to Germany and Italy, were the widely reported deals of the week, but overlooked to some degree are the discount fares widely available for travel from late August to April 2017 for American, Delta, United and their alliance partners. This post is an overview of where the deals are found.

Dublin, Ireland

Tickets to Dublin are down to $450 to $600 round trip from hundreds of places around the USA. This is the low fare European destination from most US airports.

Dates shown are sample dates with low fare. For most routes, the date shown is only one of dozens of low fare dates available.

New York

$442 EWR-DUB Air Canada Aug 23-31

$444 JFK-DUB Delta (nonstop) Sep 19-27

$546 JFK – DUB American Jan 17-24

Salt Lake City SLC

$530 SLC-DUB Air Canada Oct 4-11

$629 SLC-DUB Delta Oct 4-11

$628 SLC – DUB American Oct 4-11


American Airlines and Iberia have been aggressive at maintaining the lowest fares for Spain routes. Spain is the country Delta attacked with low Business Class fares for a few days this week and American retaliated with $1,600 fares to Italy that could be reduced an additional $400 with AARP discount.

You can get $65 off a British Airways economy class ticket with AARP discount. There are many airports where the round trip ticket price drops to $550 range for travel to Madrid, Barcelona and other airports in Spain.

Loyalty Traveler – British Airways $552 LAX to Madrid, $614 SFO to Paris, $560 OAK to Dublin Aug-Mar (June 3).

Loyalty Traveler – Recap AA/BA Discount Business Class to Italy $1,200 and Delta $1,600 to rest of Europe (June 2).

Loyalty Traveler – BA economy AARP discount LAX-London and Paris $630. BA Business Class to Italy deal gone. Delta Biz tickets still around.(June 1).

New York City to Madrid MAD

$590 JFK – MAD American (nonstop) Nov 16-23

$590 JFK – MAD Delta (nonstop) Oct 11-18

$590 JFK – MAD United (nonstop) Oct 5-12

San Diego SAN to Barcelona BCN

$692 SAN – BCN United Nov 7-14

$698 SAN – BCN American Oct 3-11

$698 SAN – BCN Delta Dec 5-13


One of the best features of this current airfare sale are low fares to Germany airports. Frankfurt and Munich hardly ever have low economy fares and if you fly Business, Delta deals to Germany are hard to beat at $1,600 round trip. I am more excited about economy fares in the $600s.

Washington DC IAD/DCA/BWI to Frankfurt FRA

$608 DCA – FRA Air Canada/United Oct 29-Nov 5

$685 BWI – FRA American Sep 19-27

$688 BWI – FRA Delta Sep 19-27

San Francisco SFO to Munich MUC

$672 SFO – MUC Delta Aug 29-Sep 8

$766 SFO – MUC Lufthansa/United Nov 7-14

$771 SFO – MUC American Sep 5-13

Greece and Croatia

One of the better values I see in this sale are low fares to Croatia and Balkan countries from USA. Croatia is another country seldom on sale from the USA and a growing hot spot for international tourism as an affordable beach resort destination in Europe these days.

Miami MIA to Split, Croatia SPU

$697 MIA – SPU Swiss Sep 4-11

Seattle SEA to Split SPU 

$652 United Sep 20-27

San Francisco SFO to Athens, Greece ATH

$643 SFO – ATH United Sep 7-19

$661 SFO – ATH Delta Sep 7-15

$742 SFO – ATH American Oct 12-19

San Francisco SFO to Santorini, Greece JTR

$709 SFO – JTR United Sep 5-19

$872 SFO – JTR American Oct 16-30

For the intrepid traveler, fly to Istanbul and pick up a cheap flight to the Greek island of your choice.

San Francisco SFO to Istanbul, Turkey IST

$426 SFO – IST Air Canada Sep 11-22

$456 SFO – IST United Sep 11-22

$525 SFO – IST Delta Sep 11-22

$934 SFO – IST American Oct 26-Nov 2 (Only $561 in other direction for IST-SFO round trip on British Airways nearly every date. Potential mileage run opportunity with 3-day return.)

Those are examples of low economy class round trip tickets from the USA to Europe. There are deals to be found all over, even from small regional airports like those around California serviced by United Express. Some of these airports, like Fresno FAT, have fare wars with American and Delta challenging low United fares to Europe.

Good Time to Book a Trip to Europe?

This is a good week to look at booking airline tickets to Europe if you want to travel from late August to March 2017, excluding most of December during the holiday period. Once these deals go away, it might be September before we see another Europe wide fare sale, although, the airline industry is unpredictable and their strategy is to always keep us guessing when ticket prices are near lows. My daily fare searches from the past year allow me to state that the fare sale this week offers the most extensive routes with widespread discounts to Europe in the past year. Lower fares to some places might come around, but the fares are pretty low right now to many destinations in Europe that rarely see these kinds of fare discounts.

Google Flights fare map Europe Aug23-31 Star Alliance

Google Flights Fare map for Europe August 23-31 filtered for Star Alliance.

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