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Business Class Fare Alert Delta $1,500 EWR to Europe, many routes

Add Newark EWR for $1,500 Delta Air Lines business class round trip tickets to Europe in another fare war attack on United Airlines USA hubs this week. Fares have dropped to around $1,500 round trip for business class tickets from Greece to Lisbon, Oslo to Budapest and all of Germany. Some cities are closer to $1,400 round trip from EWR.

Departure Dates: Late August to March 2017, excluding about 5 weeks from early December to early January.

$1,445 Delta EWR – CDG – GOT Gothenburg, Sweden August 23 – Sep 1

$1,448 Delta EWR – CDG – ARN Stockholm, Sweden August 23 – Sep 1

$1,495 Delta EWR – CDG – LIS Lisbon, Portugal August 23 – Sep 1

$1,495 Delta EWR – CDG – WAW Warsaw, Poland August 23 – Sep 1

$1,495 Delta EWR – CDG – PRG Prague August 23 – Sep 1

$1,516 Delta EWR – CDG – ZRH Zurich, Switzerland August 23 – Sep 1

$1,523 Delta EWR – CDG – BRU Brussels, Belgium August 23 – Sep 1

$1,524 Delta EWR – CDG – ATH Athens, Greece August 23 – Sep 1

$1,548 Delta EWR – CDG – VIE Vienna August 23 – Sep 1

These are only some of the available low fare routes. There are many more low fare business class routes, including several airports in Germany. Delta has had Business Class routes to Germany on sale for several days now.

Loyalty Traveler – Skyteam Business Class $1,100 to $1,650 round trip USA to Europe airports list (June 2).

Delta Air Lines Newark EWR – Paris CDG – Athens ATH

$1,526.56 round trip Business Class Tue Aug 23 – Thu Sep 1

EWR-ATH $1527 DL Aug23-Sep1

Countries not in this Delta Business Class sale

UK, France, Netherlands, Italy and Spain are the main standouts from this Delta/Skyteam Business Class sale. Three of those places are SkyTeam home countries for Air France, KLM and Alitalia. The UK is a cash cow and no deals have been there all week. American and Delta started this Business Class fare war several days ago when Delta/Skyteam put all of Spain on sale for $1,600 from some USA airports and American/Oneworld put Italy on sale.

Loyalty Traveler – Recap AA/BA Discount Business Class to Italy $1,200 and Delta $1,600 to rest of Europe (June 1).

Google Flights EWR Skyteam Biz-2 Aug23-Sep1

Google Flights Fare maps Newark EWR to Europe August 23 – September 1

Google Flights EWR Skyteam Biz-1 Aug23-Sep1

Delta is a pit bull this week, eating into United hub traffic and blasting the USA with low business class fares to Germany, home territory for Lufthansa. With low Business Class fares from Delta hitting American/Iberia in Spain, American/Oneworld hit Skyteam with low $1,600 Business Class tickets all over Italy. That deal started a frenzy in the blogosphere due to an ongoing AARP $400 discount on British Airways business class, reducing ticket prices for transatlantic business class across the USA to Europe for around $1,100 to $1,200 round trip.

This is still an evolving Business Class situation since United Airlines stayed out of the Business Class fare war – up until yesterday. United now has $2,000 Business Class fares from around the USA to airports across France, home base for Air France.

Loyalty Traveler – Fare Alert United Business USA to France $2,018 in attack on Delta Germany fares (June 3).

I’ll keep following new developments in this USA to Europe Alliance Fare War entering its second week.

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