Lufthansa economy $391 Oslo to San Francisco round trip, Air France too

Lufthansa has Oslo to San Francisco at $391 round trip for travel in October. That is peak tourist season for my part of California. The fare war playing out for USA to Europe this week across the big alliances is a scene that has been ongoing for more than one year out of Scandinavia with amazingly low fares available most of the time, except for July.

The low fare Scandinavian airport changes week to week. Most common is Stockholm ARN and Oslo OSL. Gothenburg GOT, Billund BLL, Copenhagen CPH, Stavanger SVG, and Bergen BGO are other airports with frequent flow fares. These deals are available to many USA destinations for similar prices.

Low fares from Scandinavia are my primary ticketing strategy for multiple trips to Europe over the past year. In September $2014 I scored two round trip tickets from Bergen, Norway BGO to San Francisco on British Airways when tickets were priced at $367 round trip. I had to search hard for weeks in April to find my $570 round trip flight from Stavanger SVG to San Francisco SFO for late July travel. I knew fares from Scandinavia were lower this week when I booked a $491 round trip on American Airlines for Salzburg, Austria to Los Angeles. I decided to mix it up and fly from somewhere besides the cold Nordic north.

Oslo – San Francisco SFO Tue Oct 4 – Tue Oct 11

Google Flights fare search.

  • $395 Air France
  • $398 United/Lufthansa
  • $434 British Airways
  • $385 Lufthansa via Canada

OSL-SFO Google Flights Oct4-11 $395-$434 AA, DL, UA

United Airlines Fare Calendar October 2016

OSL-SFO UA fare calendar Oct16

Every Tuesday in October shows $391 round trip fare.

United Airlines ticket (all Lufthansa operated flights)

Oslo – Frankfurt – San Francisco

$390.96 Tue October 4 – Tue October 11

OSL-SFO $391 UA Oct4-11

Lufthansa Airlines ticket (all Lufthansa operated flights)

Oslo – Frankfurt – San Francisco

$391.10 Tue October 4 – Tue October 18

OSL-SFO $391 LH Oct 4-18

There are itineraries with Austrian Airlines and Swiss flights too, if you want to mix it up and fly to other countries outbound or return.

Loyalty Traveler curated Airfare Deals and Google Flights and Kayak Explore tutorials.

Loyalty Traveler – Hotel Promotions Guide May 2016.

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  1. Should we start calling this “The Norwegian Effect?” Not sure how accurate, but by my account they’ve roughly doubled the non-stop capacity from the West Coast to Europe, and may be cutting in to other airlines’ pax loads, leading to fare sales like these.

  2. I’ve been calling it that for more than a year now in various guises. Now you have officially phrased it for Loyalty Traveler. Definitely ‘The Norwegian Effect’ and I am loving it.

  3. Since most of us are in the US it’s important what the maximum stay in the US is to build multiple trips.

  4. @tassojunior – main reason I don’t put minimum and maximum stay info in my fare posts is I find it simple to check in a few seconds if dates work for a trip. On other fare blogs and sites, I frequently see the rules posted do not necessarily apply to the itinerary I found.

    For example, the fare rules state maximum stay is 3 months on the LH ticket. Yet, I can book four months and the price goes up $100. That might still be an incredible deal for me.

    I am flying to Stockholm next month on the return portion of a ticket I flew from Stockholm to San Francisco last November. I could have bought my ticket for $400 round trip for different dates, but I realized my return could be in peak summer travel season in July for $500 when I have a conference in Sweden. The $400 ticket rules did not apply, but the $500 ticket I found after searching the $400 fare was a better deal for me after learning about the $400 fare.

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