Alaska Anchorage ANC JetBlue Portland PDX Seattle SEA Airport

JetBlue PDX and SEA to Anchorage $167-$177 round trip June-August

JetBlue’s current sale includes quite a deal to Anchorage, Alaska from Portland PDX and Seattle SEA, as low as $167 round trip from Portland or $177 from Seattle for departures. The first two weeks of August are wide open with low fares. June has few low fare dates, July more dates.

JetBlue  Portland PDX – Anchorage, Alaska ANC

$176.50  Wed July 13 – Wed July 20

PDX-ANC $177 JetBlue July 13-20

Pack a tent and some Mosquito spray and bear repellant for a cheap summer vacation in America’s Last Frontier.

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  • DaninMCI June 4, 2016

    So JetBlue is bitter about the whole Virgin merger deal so they want to start as fare attack on Alaska routes. Seems a little silly. Personally I’d think JetBlue would do better to expand their routes in the Midwest than challenge Alaska in the NW.

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