Skyteam Business Class $1,100 to $1,650 round trip USA to Europe airports list

This is Day 3 of a fare war with Skyteam Business Class fares to dozens of airports in Europe for around $1,600 round trip and even under $1,100 to Istanbul. SkyTeam has exceptionally low Business Class fares to dozens of airports across Europe from four US airports: SFO, DEN, IAD, IAH – San Francisco, Denver, Washington and Houston.

Additionally, there are about 20 USA airports offering these same type of Business Class deals only to airports in Germany. Skyteam is in a direct attack on Lufthansa routes with this business class sale. Star Alliance has not responded or even participated in this fare war battle focused on Skyteam and Oneworld routes. Miami, Charlotte and Philadelphia are AA hubs where Star Alliance carriers dropped some European routes to around $2,000 Business Class and those are the only US airports where I see a business class fare war.

On the economy class side, fares from August to March 2017 are in the $500s and $600s from across the USA in all three alliances with seasonally low fares for AA, DL, and UA tickets. This is also a good time to consider ticket purchases for fall/winter travel if your wallet prefers the view from the back of the plane.

Each day there have been some changes to locations and prices, yet there have been a lot of $1,600 round trip airfares around since Tuesday. This post is a closer look at Delta Airlines and Skyteam partners Air France and KLM Business Class fares available for travel from August into March 2017.

Recap of yesterday – Day 2 Business Class fare war to Europe

Yesterday, I posted a list of airports participating in this Business Class sale, but that piece also focused on Oneworld business class deals to Italy (Skyteam Alitalia territory). Those Oneworld Business Class low fares to Italy expired yesterday and Skyteam dropped their low business class fares to Spain (Oneworld Iberia territory).

Loyalty Traveler – Recap AA/BA Discount Business Class to Italy $1,200 and Delta $1,600 to rest of Europe (June 1).

Loyalty Traveler – BA economy AARP discount LAX-London and Paris $630. BA Business Class to Italy deal gone. Delta Biz tickets still around. (June 1).

A few hours later it looked like this business class fare war might expand and include Star Alliance when fares around $2,000 round trip were posted for AA, DL and UA from Miami, Charlotte and Philadelphia, but no evidence I have seen yet for more participating airports. Also $2,000 per ticket is certainly lower on average, but 25% more than the widespread availability of $1,600 Business Class tickets to Europe from California.

Loyalty Traveler – They’re back! CLT and PHL Oneworld $1,600s Biz fares to Spain and Amsterdam, UA and DL match (June 1).

Germany Business Class deals

Delta Airlines USA/ Canada airports to Germany airports

Update June 4: Low Germany Business fares are available from nearly every Delta serviced airport in USA 48 states, except DL hubs in Atlanta, Salt Lake, City, Minneapolis and Detroit.

(Departure dates late-Aug to Mar 2017 with December/January holiday period excluded)

  1. Seattle SEA
  2. Portland PDX
  3. San Francisco SFO
  4. Los Angeles LAX
  5. Las Vegas LAS
  6. Denver DEN
  7. Houston IAH
  8. Chicago ORD
  9. Washington IAD/BWI
  10. New York JFK/EWR
  11. Boston BOS
  12. Miami MIA
  13. Vancouver ($1200s)
  14. Toronto ($1200s)
  15. Calgary,
  16. Montreal,
  17. Halifax,
  18. Ottawa.

Numerous airports in Germany

  • Berlin TXL
  • Hamburg HAM
  • Bremen BRE
  • Hanover HAJ
  • Dresden DRS
  • Frankfurt FRA
  • Dusseldorf DUS
  • Nuremburg NUE
  • Stuttgart STR
  • Munich MUC

Google Flights Map for LAX to Germany Nov 16-22 Business Class deals available with Delta, KLM and Air France.

  • $1,602 LAX-STR Stuttgart
  • $1,641 LAX-HAM Hamburg
  • $1,647 LAX-TXL Berlin
  • $1,649 LAX-FRA Frankfurt
  • $1,654 LAX-MUC Munich
  • There are sale fares to several other airports in Germany at comparable fares.

LAX-Germany DL Biz Google Map

Google Flights fare search 9:00am PT June 2. Lufthansa fare is $6,608.

Delta Airlines (Air France flights outbound/Delta inbound) 

Los Angeles – Paris CDG – Stuttgart STR – Atlanta ATL – LAX

$1,622.56 Tue Nov 15 – Tue Nov 22

LAX-STR $1,623 DL Nov15-22

That is the Business Class deal for Germany available from airports listed above.

Cheap Skyteam Business Class routes all over Europe from these United hubs

The other great deal for routes across Europe with $1,600 discount Skyteam Business Class is only available from these four U.S. airports.

USA Airports:

  • Denver DEN,
  • Washington IAD,
  • Houston IAH,
  • San Francisco SFO

To illustrate how extensive this sale is for Europe, I show Google Flights images for a close-up view of the low fare routes. Similar Business Class fares to Europe airports are available from any of the four USA airports.

Excluded Countries: UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

There are low fares to just about every other country in Europe.

San Francisco to Scandinavia/Belgium Business Class $1,502-$1,586 August 24-31 Google Flights Map 1

  1. Stockholm, Sweden ARN $1,502
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark CPH $1,532
  3. Billund, Denmark BLL $1,544
  4. Gothenburg, Sweden GOT $1,544
  5. Oslo, Norway OSL $1,551
  6. Bergen, Norway BGO $1,561
  7. Stavanger, Norway SVG $1,561
  8. Brussels, Belgium $1,586
  9. Dublin, Ireland DUB $1,844
  10. Cork, Ireland ORK $1,860

SFO-Europe DL Biz Aug24-31

UK and Netherlands are not on sale in Skyteam Business Class.

San Francisco to Portugal/North Africa Business Class $1,594-$1,612 August 24-31

The major change from yesterday is Skyteam had all of Spain on sale with similar fares to those only found for Portugal today. American had Italy on sale and Delta/Skyteam had Spain on sale with $1,600 business class tickets. Note there are North Africa low fare destinations too.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal LIS $1,594
  2. Porto, Portugal OPO $1,597
  3. Faro, Portugal FAO $1,669
  4. Algiers, Algeria $1,602
  5. Tunis, Tunisia $1,612

SFO-Portugal Skyteam Biz Google map

San Francisco to Turkey/Greece/Balkans Business Class $1,089-$1,754 August 24-31

The lowest Business Class fare of all, widely touted in blog headline titles the past two days is Istanbul, Turkey, seen here at $1,089 round trip. Great deal if you want to visit Turkey. This is a good opportunity to buy cheap business class on Skyteam to the Balkans and many eastern Europe countries without flying Aeroflot.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey IST $1,089
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria SOF $1,598
  3. Bucharest, Romania OTP $1,602
  4. Zagreb, Croatia ZAG $1,607
  5. Belgrade, Serbia BEG $1,611
  6. Thessaloniki, Greece SKG $1,613
  7. Athens, Greece ATH $1,623
  8. Tirana, Albania TIA $1,637
  9. Skopje, Macedonia SKP $1,646
  10. Heraklion, Greece HER $1,744
  11. Corfu, Greece CFU $1,754

SFO-Greece Google Map Skyteam Biz fares

San Francisco to Germany/Switzerland, Poland/Central Europe Business Class $1,600 August 24-31

The same low fare deals to Germany are available from SFO too. In addition, there are many other central Europe business class deals.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland ZRH $1,570
  2. Prague, Czech Republic PRG $1,580
  3. Krakow, Poland KRK $1,592
  4. Warsaw, Poland WAW $1,593
  5. Chisinau, Moldova KIV $1,605
  6. Geneva, Switzerland GVA $1,607
  7. Budapest, Hungary BUD $1,610
  8. Minsk, Belarus $1,618
  9. Vienna, Austria VIE $1,647
  10. Kosice, Slovakia KSC $1,818
  11. Cluj-Napoca, Romania CLJ $1,833

SFO-Germany Google Flights Skyteam Biz sale

These are nearly 40 SkyTeam Business Class low fares on Delta, Air France and KLM for only two dates August 24-31. There might be slightly lower fares on other dates. Low fares are available from August to March 2017.

Happy Searching.

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