They’re back! CLT and PHL Oneworld $1,600s Biz fares to Spain and Amsterdam, UA and DL match

There is another aspect to the Business Class fare war with Charlotte and Philadelphia, AA hub airports, offering fares around $2,100-$2,200 round trip to Spain and Amsterdam. These routes are around $2,000 to $2,200 round trip with all three alliances participating. Oneworld fares can be reduced by $400 with AARP discount.

Amsterdam is only available from Philadelphia. Paris at $2,500 round trip is only available from Charlotte. Paris fare looks to be about $500 lower than other east coast airports for business class. Oneworld $400 discount with British Airways AARP booking makes Paris around $2,100 round trip from CLT.

These business class fares mark the first appearance of United and Star Alliance airlines in the Business Class fare war between Delta/Skyteam and American/British Airways/Oneworld. Delta still has business class fares to many airports in Europe for around $1,500 to $1,600.

Loyalty Traveler – Recap AA/BA Discount Business Class to Italy $1,200 and Delta $1,600 to rest of Europe (June 1)

Participating airports:

  • Charlotte
  • Philadelphia
  • Miami (lots of low AA/BA/IB fares all over Europe, even Germany.)

Europe Airports:

  • Amsterdam (PHL only)
  • Paris (CLT only)
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Several other airports in Spain
  • Shannon, Ireland SNN (PHL only)

Departure dates: November-March 2017

Philadelphia – Amsterdam $2,168 American Biz; $2,218 United BIZ

Dec 18-28

  • $2,218 United
  • $2,168 American (Depart Dec 19)
  • $2,237 American
  • $2,261 Delta

PHL-AMS BIZ $2200 Dec 18-28

Charlotte – Alicante ALC Spain $2,141 Delta, $2,236 Iberia

Feb 1-11

CLT-ALC $2141 Biz AA Feb 1-11

Charlotte – Madrid MAD $1,692 Business Class

(after AARP $400 British Airways discount)

CLT-MAD $1692 BA Nov1-15

Charlotte – Paris CDG $2,130 Business Class

(after AARP $400 British Airways discount)

CLT-CDG $2130 Biz Nov 10-16

Philadelphia – Shannon SNN $1,801 Business Class

(after AARP $400 British Airways discount)

PHL-SNN $1801 BA Biz Nov2-6

$1,640.62 Air Berlin Miami – Dusseldorf DUS (nonstop business class)  Dec 17-28

(not eligible for AARP discount).

MIA-DUS $1640 AB Dec17-28

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  1. I have reviewed the 757 business class PHL-AMS. I agree and would not spend the money for that flight. This can be booked as British Airways operated 777 aircraft for $1,947 round trip with AARP discount.

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