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Recap AA/BA Discount Business Class to Italy $1,200 and Delta $1,600 to rest of Europe

June 1 – 10am Pacific – looks to me like Oneworld Business Class low fares are gone from all four airports. Delta still has low fares to many places in Europe.

Delta and American started a business class fare war from USA to Europe yesterday. American and British Airways have low fares to several Italy airports and Malta for around $1,600 round trip from IAH, DEN, SFO and IAD. This fare can be reduced by $400 per ticket using AARP member discount.

Delta has low business class fares around $1,600 from these same USA airports to cities all over Europe. Athens to Oslo to Copenhagen to Lisbon. Some of the major routes are not included in Delta’s sale like Paris and London. Then, Delta put Germany airports on sale for around $1,600 round trip from several more airports around the USA.

I posted this story about discount Business Class fares yesterday (about 20 minutes before The Points Guy post). Now I see lots of confusion in comments on TPG, points and miles blogs, and FlyerTalk here and here about what routes are actually on sale?

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Finding Cheap Business Class routes

British Airways/American Airlines USA Airports:

  • Denver DEN,
  • Washington IAD,
  • Houston IAH,
  • San Francisco SFO

British Airways/American Airlines Italy and Malta Airports:

  • Turin
  • Verona
  • Venice
  • Rome (update 9:00am Pacific – SFO, DEN, IAD appear to have dropped Rome. Still at Houston. Other Italy airports still low business class fare.)
  • Bologna
  • Genoa
  • Florence
  • Naples
  • Palermo
  • Pisa
  • Malta
  • possibly more Italy airports if BA flies there

You can use open-jaw itineraries. 7 day minimum. Book through AARP link and get $400 off round trip price. This brings ticket price down to around $1100 to $1200. British Airways credit card can reduce price another 10%.

Italy and Malta from four USA airports are the only Oneworld Business Class low fares that I have seen since this fare war started yesterday.

Delta Airlines USA Airports to many European airports from:

  • Denver DEN,
  • Washington IAD/DCA/BWI
  • Houston IAH,
  • San Francisco SFO

There are dozens of cities on sale from Athens to the Balkans and eastern Europe to Scandinavia and Benelux and Ireland. Spain, Portugal and Germany have many small regional airports on sale too.

Six day minimum stay.

Istanbul seems to be the lowest priced business class route. Milan, Paris and London are probably the three largest markets not on sale for Delta Business Class.

Delta Airlines USA/ Canada airports to Germany airports 

Update June 4: This business class deal is available from far more airports today. I see places as remote as Billings, Montana; Omaha, Nebraska; Oklahoma City now with $1,600 business class fares to Germany.

(Dates late Aug to Mar 2017 with December/January holiday period excluded)

  1. Seattle SEA
  2. Portland PDX
  3. San Francisco SFO
  4. Los Angeles LAX
  5. Las Vegas LAS
  6. Denver DEN
  7. Houston IAH
  8. Chicago ORD
  9. Washington IAD/BWI
  10. New York JFK/EWR
  11. Boston BOS
  12. Miami MIA
  13. Vancouver ($1200s)
  14. Toronto ($1200s)
  15. Delta/Air France/KLM have several more Canada airports with low business fares: Calgary, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa.

Numerous airports in Germany

  1. Berlin TXL
  2. Hamburg HAM
  3. Bremen BRE
  4. Hanover HAJ
  5. Dresden DRS
  6. Frankfurt FRA
  7. Dusseldorf DUS
  8. Nuremburg NUE
  9. Stuttgart STR
  10. Munich MUC

Those are the basic routes and I do not detect any changes from yesterday evening in routes. I see no evidence of AA/BA adding more discount routes outside of Italy. United has so far stayed on the sidelines with Business Class specials, although they are very active in economy class discounts across Europe. AARP members can also get a $65 discount on cost of British Airways economy class tickets.

Here are series of articles I wrote yesterday as this fare war to Europe developed throughout the day and night.

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