Dublin on sale $526-$629 from across USA in all alliances Aug to Mar 2017

Signs of a fare war from USA to Europe between American, Delta and United often takes initial form with low fares to Dublin. Two other hot spots are Barcelona and Milan for early signs of a fare war. Dublin keeps showing up in today’s fare war as the lowest priced destination for Europe with discount fare in the $500s all the way into March 2017. (AFWD) is a great website to see how widespread a fare sale is at any given time. I use AFWD sparingly in my fare searches simply because the website has too much information to process. I find it most useful for checking specific things like how many cities in the USA have low fares to Dublin today. There are many low fare airports for Dublin tickets. Fares to an Arrival City

AFWD fares to arrival city

Here are sample fares from USA airports to Dublin found on AFWD today.

Here is my generic airport hub comparison for USA to Dublin.

Newark EWR – Dublin DUB Sep 6-18

  • $554 American (JFK)
  • $587 British Airways (JFK)
  • $613 United (nonstop)

Philadelphia – Dublin DUB Sep 6-18

  • $526 Air Canada
  • $532 American (requires change from EWR to JFK)
  • $561 American (nonstop) Sep 6-14
  • $567 Delta

Washington IAD – Dublin DUB Sep 5-13

  • $558 Delta
  • $588 United
  • $588 Lufthansa

Charlotte CLT – Dublin DUB Sep 5-13

    • $568 American
    • $578 Delta
    • $577 Air Canada (Sep 6-13)

Atlanta ATL – Dublin DUB August 23-31

  • $565 Delta
  • $578 American
  • $579 United

Miami MIA – Dublin DUB August 23-31

  • $576 American
  • $579 Delta
  • $579 United

Houston IAH – Dublin DUB August 23-31

  • $576 American
  • $578 Air Canada
  • $579 Delta
  • $579 United

Dallas DFW – Dublin DUB January 9-18

  • $564 United
  • $608 American
  • $613 Delta

Phoenix PHX – Dublin DUB August 22-31

  • $620 American
  • $628 Air Canada
  • $629 United
  • $629 Delta

Orange County SNA – Dublin DUB Sep 5-14 Take note that fares from secondary airports like SNA and OAK have lower fares than LAX and SFO.

  • $620 American
  • $628 Air Canada
  • $629 United
  • $629 Delta

Seattle SEA – Dublin DUB Oct 3-13

  • $629 United
  • $629 American
  • $643 Delta

This is only a sample of airports participating in today’s fare sale to Dublin.

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