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Avianca Business Class $314 to $554 to Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru from LAX, ORD, IAH, MIA, FLL, IAD in June

Turns out Cuzco and Lima Peru are only two of the Avianca Airlines destinations with low Business Class promotional fares today for June departures from several USA airports. There are several other low fare airports in Panama, Colombia and Ecuador as low as $314 round trip in Business Class from Chicago or Houston to Panama City, $414 to Bogota, $411 Cali, $408 Guayaquil and $433 Quito, Ecuador. Low Business Class fares on Avianca are available from Chicago ORD, Los Angeles LAX, Houston IAH, Miami MIA, Fort Lauderdale FLL and Washington Dulles IAD. Low fares from Orlando MCO too.

Google Flights June 12-22 Fare Map

Chicago to Panama City Business Class $314 round trip Avianca

The fare map shows there are many regional airports in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru with low business class fares too.

Google Flights ORD-PTY Avianca BIZ $314 June 12-22

Avianca Airlines Chicago ORD – Panama City PTY

$313.66 round trip Business Class June 9-21

ORD-PTY $314 Avianca Biz June

ORD-PTY-2 Avianca BIZ June16

An even better flight experience is available if you travel from LAX to Bogota flights on B787 Dreamliner aircraft with lie-flat seat.

Avianca Airlines Los Angeles LAX – Quito, Ecuador UIO

$553.98 June 11-22

LAX-UIO $554 Avianca Biz-1 June11-22

LAX-UIO $554 Avianca Biz-2 June 11-22

This Avianca Business Class ticket from LAX to Quito has flight segments between LAX and Bogota on B787-8 Dreamliner aircraft with lie flat seat.

Another feature of these fares are many secondary airports in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are available for $10 to $15 more than the main international airports. This is a good opportunity to go to some place more remote like Iquitos, Peru in the Amazon.

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