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AA, DL and UA fare war Scandinavia to BOS, IAD, NYC, ATL, MIA, SFO and ORD low $400s round trip fares summer 2016

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Low $400s summer fares from Scandinavia to San Francisco SFO and some other cities like Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta and Miami reveal a deep discount airfare sale to USA airports from Scandinavia with all three alliances’ airlines and many dates. To be clear, these round trip ticket prices in the $400s are for tickets starting in Scandinavia, mostly Oslo, Norway OSL or Stockholm, Sweden ARN and flying round trip to the USA and back to Scandinavia. These prices are not valid for travel starting in the USA.

SAS Airlines launched a July summer fare deal with Stockholm to Chicago at $610 and Copenhagen to Denver at $723 round trip. This triggered some lower and matching fares from American Airlines to Chicago and San Francisco. Today all three alliances have ticket prices in the low to mid-$400s for Chicago, SFO and some other airports for summer travel departures from August to November 2016.

San Francisco and Chicago seem to be the hot spot for $400s deals, if you are not in the eastern USA, where there are several airports with $400s fares, like Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta and Miami. There are many other USA airports with round trip ticket prices in the high $500s available for departures starting in Stockholm, Sweden ARN, Copenhagen, Denmark CPH and Oslo, Norway OSL to many places around the USA, including June through November.

Google Flights August 19-29, 2016 round trip fares from Stockholm to Atlanta

shows several USA airports with fares in $400s.

Google Flights Aug 19-29 Stockholm rt fares

Some readers might find a use for low July ticket prices around $600 round trip from Stockholm ARN to Chicago ($610) or Copenhagen CPH to Denver ($725) if you are in Europe and need to get back to the USA. Norwegian, Icelandair, WestJet and WOW are not any cheaper for one way travel from Europe to USA in July. And one of these July tickets can send you back to Europe for your next vacation. Even cheaper with far more availability are low ticket prices beginning in early August for travel from Scandinavia to USA.

June or August to November 2016 departures from Scandinavia

ARN, CPH, OSL to a dozen or more USA airports around $400 to $600 round trip with many major airlines in all three alliances.

July 2016 departures from Scandinavia

Stockholm ARN to Chicago ($610) SAS Airlines

Copenhagen CPH to Denver ($725) SAS Airlines

American Airlines  Stockholm ARN – Chicago ORD

$597.56  Thursday July 21 – Tuesday September 6

ARN-ORD $598 AA ticket Jul21-Sep6

There are some very low fares for earning AAdvantage EQM with all AA codeshares for someone wanting to take advantage of AAdvantage miles earning on flight miles, before they go revenue based. Also good fares for AAdvantage Executive Platinum fast-track challenge seeking EQM. I used two sub-$400 Bergen BGO-Norway to SFO tickets last year to make my AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite challenge EQM mileage runs.

American Airlines  Oslo OSL – San Francisco SFO

$461.46  Tuesday August 30 – Saturday September 10

OSL-SFO $462 AA Aug30-Sep10

If you don’t care about AAdvantage miles, then United has this fare beat.

United Airlines  Oslo OSL – San Francisco SFO

$429.46  Thursday July 21 – Tuesday September 6

OSL-SFO $430 UA Aug16-23

Delta Air Lines Stockholm ARN – San Francisco SFO

3,775 SEK = $453.77 USD (xe.com)  Friday August 19 – Monday August 29

ARN-SFO $454 DL Aug 19-29

Loyalty Traveler Low Fare Lament

July fares departing Stockholm to some place in the USA for $600 on American Airlines were exactly the type of tickets I searched for all 2016 and found yesterday for a ticket that allowed a return at Thanksgiving or Christmas week. This deal is about one month too late for me. I booked my ticket flying United from Norway to SFO California in July with a return in September. This might be still be a good fare for me to get home from Europe in September and back again for Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

My discount ticket strategy this past year is buy my tickets starting in Europe to save about $200 to $500 per ticket compared to USA to Europe ticket prices. This often gets around higher prices charged over U.S. holiday travel periods for tickets starting in the USA. This current fare sale is an example of that. There are low fares for travel back to Scandinavia during Thanksgiving week and Christmas week that are not available when buying a ticket starting in the USA. Since the beginning of 2016 the airfare with any major airline topped $1,000 round trip to California from Scandinavia with a return date anytime later in 2016. Norwegian one way Stockholm to California was a possibility for around $500 in July. These $600 Stockholm to Chicago round trip tickets can have a return date Thanksgiving week or December Christmas week.

One of the reasons I like this fare is a U.S. resident like me can fly one way to Europe on miles this summer, then fly home on the outbound flights of a round trip ticket starting in Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm. The return date back to Scandinavia can be months later for a second trip to Europe. Eventually you need to get back to the USA and there are several options for the one way flight home.

  • Fly home on miles.
  • fly a low cost carrier off-season low fare like Norwegian Airlines, where $200 one way flights from Oslo to California are not uncommon.
  • pick up another flight deal from Europe.

There is fairly good availability for low priced flights from American, Delta, United and alliance partner airlines from several airports in Scandinavia including Copenhagen CPH, Oslo OSL and Stockholm ARN for travel in every month, except July departures.

Chicago, Denver and New York are the July deals from Stockholm and Copenhagen on SAS, with American Airlines matching some of these deals.

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