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AA, DL, UA $661 to $696 July fares New York to Milan, Italy

New York to Milan, Italy is available ifor peak summer travel in July at discount fares. Finding airfare to Europe under $1,000 round trip for July departures can be difficult from most airports in the USA at this late May date. Throughout the past week Milan has been dropping to $600s round trip from major airlines for summer travel.

Delta/Alitalia/KLM $661 round trip is lowest fare in June, July and August. Flies nonstop from New York JFK to Milan MXP. Available for departures most Sunday and Monday dates, with many other days at $701 round trip.

Alitalia ticket (Delta outbound/Alitalia inbound nonstop flights) New York JFK – Milan MXP

$660.76 round trip  Monday July 11 – Friday July 22

JFK-MXP Alitalia $661 Jul11-22

American/British Airways $680 to $708

The fares I checked at $680 showed British Airways operated flights for return with BA flight numbers on an AA ticket. This economy flight in O booking code ticket results in 50% EQM and 25% AAdvantage redeemable miles for the BA transatlantic flight. Also, many of the routings with BA require a change of airport between London Gatwick and Heathrow.

American Airlines ticket with British Airways operated and marketed flights for return.

New York JFK – Milan MXP – London LHR / London LGW – New York JFK

$679.76  Monday July 11 – Friday July 22

JFK-MXP $679 AA Jul11-22

This ticket earns 5,154 redeembale miles and 6,021 EQM in AAdvantage.

An additional $28 for the ticket below gives all AA coded flights and avoids London airport change. The ticket below also earns nearly 3,000 more redeemable miles and an additional 2,000 EQM in AAdvantage.

American Airlines ticket with British Airways flights for return.

New York JFK – Milan MXP – London LHR – New York JFK

$707.26  Monday July 4 – Friday July 15

JFK-MXP $707 AA Jul4-15

This ticket earns 8,030 AAdvantage miles with 100% flight miles for redeemable miles and elite miles EQM.

Star Alliance $670 to $696

Similar to American Airlines, Star Alliance tickets require scrutiny if you are looking to maximize mile earned. Lowest fares are United Airlines nonstop flights from Newark EWR to Milan MXP. Return flights offer several choices with Lufthansa and Swiss. The deal with Lufthansa flights is they are mostly LH marketed economy K code, a no miles fare for Mileage Plus. Swiss Airlines K code earns 50% flight miles on Swiss tickets. Of course, for U.S. members of Mileage Plus, revenue based miles earned are calculated on the United Airlines ticket price, so economy code is not a factor for earning redeemable miles, unless booking a Lufthansa or Swiss Airlines ticket.

There were many $700 fare itineraries shown on Google Flights that were not bookable online as United tickets for under $800.

United Airlines ticket (UA outbound, Lufthansa marketed flights inbound)

$669.76 Monday July 11 – Friday July 22

New York/Newark EWR – Milan MXP – Dusseldorf DUS (Eurowings) – Newark EWR (Lufthansa)

EWR-MXP $670 UA-1 Jul11-22

EWR-MXP $670 UA-2 Jul11-22

I have seen signs these fares are going away as I worked on this post. There were far more low fare dates when I started writing this an hour ago than now. Several of the low fares I saw on Google Flights for $600s went up to $800s.

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