AA, DL, UA low fares to Europe from D.C. area airports

Checking signs for fare wars to Europe from U.S. airports reveals Washington D.C. area is the hottest market in the USA today for low fares from American, Delta and United. From November to March 2017 there are dozens of cities in Europe priced in the $600s. Dublin is still available for as low as $317 round trip with Delta and KLM from DCA and IAD. Baltimore BWI has many low fares too.

In other hub airports across the USA, there are sign of limited attacks in places like Dallas DFW, an American Airlines hub, where United fares to Dublin are $638 round trip. American and Delta have lower fares to several cities in Europe like Athens and Barcelona from Houston IAH, a United Airlines hub. This kind of scene is playing out in most hubs.

Washington DC area is one place today where all three major airlines are competing head to head for Europe traffic on same routes.

Sample WAS (BWI, DCA, IAD) Fares 

Google Flights WAS-Europe Nov16 fares

Google Flights WAS Nov 15-22 fare map

Dublin, Ireland

Barcelona, Spain

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Paris, France

Venice, Italy

Frankfurt, Germany

These are similar to how fares looked from dozens of airports across the USA last weekend. That fare war started around the DC area last Friday , peaked late Saturday night and Sunday, then fizzled out on Monday. This might be a good weekend to watch airfare from your area to see if these kinds of low fares to Europe come to an airport near you.

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