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Signs of another fare war to Europe today

Three days after last weekend’s fare war to Europe ended between American, Delta and United, there are signs today that low fares to Europe might be picking up again. And this time it looks like fares in September and October are dropping. Last week’s fare war covered flight departures from November 2016 through March 2017.

Philadelphia, an American Airlines hub has some low fares from Delta and United for September travel. Philadelphia was the airport with $300 round trip fares on Air Canada and United last weekend. Loyalty Traveler – Fare Alert United Airlines Philadelphia-Dublin $302 round trip (May 14).

Philadelphia to Dublin, Ireland Sep 6-15

Air Canada $525.68

United $556.56 (Air Canada outbound, Lufthansa return)

PHL-DUB $557 UA Sep6-15

American Airlines $527.56 (nonstop flights)

PHL-DUB AA $527 Sep 6-15

Delta from Baltimore BWI to Europe

Delta has low fares out of Baltimore BWI with many airports around Europe in the $600s beginning in November.

BWI-FRA $697 DL Dec 5-12 Google Flights low fare map

Delta Air Lines Baltimore BWI fares to Europe Dec 5-12 seen on Google Flights today. I would expect low fares during this typically very low fare travel period. These same low fares can be found for flight departures from November 2016 through March 2017 on many dates. These are the same low fares we saw last weekend from many places around the USA.

  • BWI – Dublin $539
  • BWI – Moscow $539
  • BWI – Barcelona $608
  • BWI – Madrid $613
  • BWI – Amsterdam $629
  • BWI – Milan $637
  • BWI – Zurich $639
  • BWI – Rome $651
  • BWI – Lisbon $652
  • BWI – Manchester UK $667
  • BWI – Paris $657
  • BWI – Munich $681
  • BWI – Frankfurt $697
  • BWI – Athens $709
  • BWI – London $710

There are more than a dozen other airports in Europe with fares in $600s on these dates.

This looks like the battle over Europe is heating up again for this weekend. The first signs a week ago came with low Delta fares to Dublin similar to what we are seeing again today out of D.C. area, Chicago and San Francisco. I’ll be searching for more low fare cities in the USA and share deals I find.

Loyalty Traveler – Delta has Dublin on sale again. IAD $316, ORD $482; SFO $577 round trip (May 19).

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