United PHL to Dublin $300 round trip still available and recap of Europe fare war

Dublin has been the low fare deal for the past three days with United from Philadelphia under $300 since yesterday morning. Delta offered Washington DCA at $317 and San Francisco to Dublin at $376 round trip on Friday (Delta $300s low fares are gone). This is day three of the most extensive fare discount for USA to Europe in the past year with dozens of cities in the USA to dozens of airports in Europe on sale from $300s to $600s.

United Airlines Philadelphia PHL – Dublin DUB

$299.76  Tuesday November 22 – Wednesday November 30

PHL-DUB $300 UA Nov22-30

Dublin is the lowest priced airport in this sale with fares from $300 to $550. Other airports across Spain are in low $600s from several US cities. Many airports across Europe from Athens, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Amsterdam and more are in the $600s. Weekend flights tend to raise ticket price $50.

Travel dates for these fares are primarily November 2016 to March 2017 with some low fares for May departures in the next two weeks.

Full Scale Fare War

This is a full scale fare war with American, Delta and United offering low fares from each other’s hubs. Up until today, American seemed to be the airline protecting against competitor low fares from its own hubs Dallas DFW and Miami MIA. There were AA low fares in the $500s and $600s to Spain and London as United attacked AA hard with low fares to many airports across Europe from DFW and Miami. California regional airports are another hot deal with low fares from places like Fresno and Sacramento that are comparable to fares from LAX and SFO.

The main difference I see today in fares to Europe, on day three of this fare war, is many more of the airports participating in these low fares now offer comparable fares in the $600s from all three airlines American, Delta and United.

Denver airport for example has similar low fares today to Paris from all three major airlines.

  • Air France $648 round trip nonstop Denver to Paris Nov 8-16
  • Delta $653 round trip nonstop Denver to Paris via Atlanta Nov 8-16
  • American $658 round trip Denver to Paris via Chicago Nov 8-16
  • Air Canada $653 round trip Denver to Paris via Toronto Nov 8-16
  • United $654 round trip Denver to Paris via Washington IAD Nov 8-16

The past two days the airline’s saw major airlines primarily offer their lowest fares from competitor hubs. United Airlines had low fares to Europe from Delta and American Airlines hubs and those airlines had low fares from their competitor’s hubs. Delta attacked United hubs, but did not drop fares in American hubs of DFW and MIA. Now it looks like fares have dropped across all three alliance airlines in several of these major USA airports.

Airports with United Airlines Low Fares 

  • Salt Lake City
  • Phoenix
  • Dallas DFW
  • Miami MIA
  • Minneapolis MSP
  • Atlanta ATL
  • Philadelphia PHL
  • Detroit DTW
  • Seattle SEA
  • California regional airports like Monterey MRY, Santa Ana SNA, Santa Barbara SBA, Sacramento SMF have fares comparable to San Francisco SFO and Los Angeles LAX. American Airlines competes in many of these same regional markets.

Airports with Delta Airlines Low Fares 

  • Washington DCA/IAD
  • New York JFK
  • Denver DEN
  • San Francisco SFO
  • Cleveland CLE
  • Houston IAH

Airports with American Airlines Low Fares 

California regional airports like Monterey MRY, Santa Ana SNA, Santa Barbara SBA, Sacramento SMF have fares comparable to San Francisco SFO and Los Angeles LAX. American Airlines competes in many of these same regional markets. Many of the airports listed above for United and Delta fares probably have low American Airlines fares today too.

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  1. I am seeing low fare deals in the $600s from several airports that were not participating yesterday as far as I know. Las Vegas and Los Angeles have low fares in the $600s to many airports across Europe with AA, DL, UA.

    From San Francisco I see fares with American around $613 to places like Vilnius and Riga.

    The deals are still going strong this Sunday for travel departures Nov 2016 to Mar 2017.

  2. I jumped on ZFV-EWR-DUB at $396 last Tuesday for October travel – because who could have guessed it would go lower only a few days later? Oh, well, I can’t be bitter. It’s still a great fare.

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