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AA, DL, UA fare war to Europe still hot from across USA

The fare war for Europe is still hot some 24 hours after Delta dropped airfare to a staggeringly low $317 round trip from Washington IAD to Dublin and $377 from San Francisco. This morning United has Philadelphia to Dublin at $302 round trip. Yesterday, Delta put fares to Europe in the $300s to $600s from United Airlines hubs, then United put fares on sale from Delta hubs. Last night American Airlines joined the party.

This fare war is widespread since I see the effect on prices in my regional airport of Monterey, California where United dominates and fares to London are cheaper with United than flying from San Francisco (see below where I compare airline fares to various cities from LAX, SFO and MRY.

Today I see low fares from all three airlines to dozens of cities in Europe in the $600s for travel from November 2016 to March 2017. There are deals with all three airlines American, Delta and United. There are particularly low fares to Dublin, Ireland from some USA airports like Philadelphia and San Francisco. There are great deals to Spain and Portugal with fares low to island airports. Even Germany is on sale in the $600s round trip. Germany hardly ever goes on sale.

Google Flights for Los Angeles and San Francisco departures from two random dates in November 2016 and March 2017.

Los Angeles Departures

Wed Nov 2 – Thu Nov 10

Los Angeles – Amsterdam AMS

  • $622 Air Canada,
  • $630 United

Los Angeles – Luxembourg City LUX

  • $664 Air France
  • $670 American

Los Angeles – Frankfurt, Germany  FRA

  • $689 American
  • $698 Delta

Los Angeles – Zurich Switzerland  ZRH

  • $640 American
  • $664 Air France

Los Angeles – Florence, Italy FLR

  • $653 Swiss
  • $664 Air France

San Francisco Departures

Sunday March 5 – Wednesday March 15, 2017

San Francisco – Barcelona, Spain BCN

  • American $599
  • Delta $633
  • Air France $657

San Francisco – Lisbon, Portugal LIS

  • American $648
  • Air France $672

San Francisco – Rome, Italy FCO

  • American $651
  • Swiss $666

San Francisco – Geneva, Switzerland GVA

  • American $658
  • British Airways $676
  • Air France $682

San Francisco – Amsterdam AMS

  • KLM $615
  • Delta $620
  • United $623
  • British Airways $658

San Francisco – London LHR

  • Aer Lingus $666
  • Delta $673
  • American $698

For comparison on the extent of this fare war, my local airport in Monterey is generally at least $200 more for a round trip ticket to Europe compared to flying out of San Francisco.

United Airlines does not have San Francisco to London on sale. Their fare is over $1,000 round trip March 5-15. But change the departure airport to Monterey MRY and the fare drops by $100s.

Monterey MRY – London LHR March 5-15, 2017

  • United $710
  • American $713

MRY-LHR $710 AA Mar 5-17-2017

American Airlines codeshare flights for British Airways operated flights PHX-LHR.

This is the biggest fare war I have seen for USA to Europe routes since tracking airfares from March 2015 on Loyalty Traveler. Check your local airports if you want a low priced ticket to Europe for travel from November 2016 to March 2017.

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